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QuantalAudio Daisy Mix Master MONO | 3HP

Modular mixer master - legacy


QuantalAudio Mixer 2 | Mono->Stereo | 5HP

Mono or stereo 2 channel mixer


QuantalAudio Unity Mix | 2HP

Multiple 3->1 or 6->1


Ohmer Modules Splitter 1x9

Spread incoming monophonic or polyphonic signal upto 9 outputs


stoermelder INFIX

Insert for polyphonic cables


stoermelder BOLT

Polyphonic logic boolean functions with modulation and sample & hold

UtilityLogicPolyphonicSample and hold

Blamsoft XFX F-35

Multimode Filter


Blamsoft XFX Wave

Wavetable Oscillator


AS Zero CV 2 Trigger

Zero Crossing CV to Trigger generator


Bark Polyphonic Mixer

One Cable(s), 4x4 channel Mixer with send/return. Constant power pan law Aux pre solo/master post fader


Bark Poly X

Merge to polyphonic with mute buttons. When no input channels are connected the mute buttons send 1v or 0v, for use with Level/Pan inputs on Poly Mix.


ML Modules OctaPlus

8 fold Adder.


ML Modules OctaSwitch

8 fold switch with CV controllable switching point


ML Modules OctaTrig

Gate tp Trigger converter

Clock modulatorPolyphonic

ML Modules Quantizer (h-bar)

Semitone quantizer


ML Modules Quantum

Quantizer with selectable notes


ML Modules S&H 8

8 fold Sample and Hold

Sample and holdPolyphonic

ML Modules Shift Register

Analogue shift register

Sample and holdPolyphonic

ML Modules Evolution

Shift register based random sequencer

SequencerSample and holdPolyphonic

ML Modules Sum8 MkII

Summer with selectable sign


ML Modules Sum8

simple summer


ML Modules Trigger Buffer

A trigger can be buffered, so that the next incoming clock will create an pulse.


Valley Plateau

Lush and bendable plate reverb based on the Dattorro 1997 algorithm.


Valley Interzone

Polyphonic, virtual analogue synthesiser voice complete with a VCO, mixer, filter, LFO, and envelope generator.

Synth voicePolyphonic

NYSTHI Polyphonic Recorder

from 1 to 16 channels recorder


NYSTHI PolyAttackDecay Polyphonic AD

Polyphonic Attack Decay, AD, ADSR, Envelope Generator EG

Envelope generatorFunction generatorPolyphonic

NYSTHI PolyDelayAttackHoldDecay PolyDAHD

PolyDAHD Polyphonic Delay Attack Hold Decay Envelope, like 281e, Serge USG, ems trapezoid EG DAHD

Envelope generatorFunction generatorPolyphonic

NYSTHI PolyAttackDecaySustainRelease PolyADSR

Polyphonic Attack Decay Sustain Release Envelope

Envelope generatorFunction generatorPolyphonic


SoyModelSOU little helper, scaler, offsetter, voltage folders, analogue shifter

RandomSample and holdUtilityVoltage-controlled amplifierPolyphonic

NYSTHI DX7Envelope

DX7 style envelope

Envelope generatorPolyphonic

NYSTHI ScalaQuantizer

Quantizer based on .scl SCALA files


NYSTHI EqualDivisionQuantizer

Quantizer based on the formula A-th root of B



4mix 4 channels stero mixer. Channel 1 LEFT is POLY in INPUT

MixerVoltage-controlled amplifierPolyphonic


8mix 8 channels stero mixer. Channel 1 LEFT is POLY in INPUT

MixerVoltage-controlled amplifierPolyphonic

NYSTHI mix16

16mix 16 channels stero mixer. Channel 1 LEFT is POLY in INPUT

MixerVoltage-controlled amplifierPolyphonic


FM Operator dx7 style, Sinusoid VCO

OscillatorLow-frequency oscillatorPolyphonicUtility

NYSTHI GraphicMeter

Voltage Visualizer-Voltmeter


NYSTHI MultiVoltimetro

Voltage Visualizer


NYSTHI FixedVoltageSource

Fixed Voltage Source with GATE and SUM


NYSTHI MicrotonalHostHelper

Helper to bring microtonality to VST Host


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