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Surge for Rack SurgePhaser

The Surge phaser


Surge for Rack SurgeReverb

The Surge reverb


Surge for Rack SurgeWaveShaper

The Surge waveshapers


Surge for Rack SurgeDistort

The Surge distortion effect


Surge for Rack SurgeFlanger

The Surge flanger effect


Surge for Rack SurgeLFO

The Surge LFO

Low-frequency oscillatorPolyphonic

Surge for Rack SurgeConditioner

The Surge conditioner/limiter effect


Surge for Rack SurgeReverb2

The Surge reverb (second one)


Surge for Rack SurgeNoise

The Surge correlated noise channel


Surge for Rack SurgeVOC

The Surge vocoder


Surge for Rack SurgeChorus

The Surge chorus effect


Surge for Rack SurgeEQ

The Surge 3-band equalizer


Surge for Rack SurgeADSR

The Surge ADSR envelope generator with various modes

Envelope generatorPolyphonic

Surge for Rack SurgeFreqShift

The Surge frequency shifter


Surge for Rack SurgeBiquad

A single BiQuad filter stage of the Surge FilterBank


Surge for Rack SurgeDelay

The Surge stereo delay effect


Surge for Rack SurgeRingMod

The Surge ring modulator effect

EffectPolyphonicRing modulator

Surge for Rack SurgeRotary

The Surge rotary speaker emulation effect


Surge for Rack SurgeWTOSC

The Surge WaveTable collection with a pair of interpolating oscillators


Surge for Rack SurgeOSC

The Surge classic oscillators, including square, saw, sine, FM and niose


Surge for Rack SurgeClock

A utility clock generator

Clock generator

Surge for Rack SurgePatchPlayer

A full instance of the Surge plugin able to play the patches in your environment

Synth voicePolyphonic

Grayscale Supercell

Expanded version of Clouds by Mutable Instruments

GranularReverbHardware clone


TOY Waterfall Spectrograph


computerscare Stoly Fick Pigure

Draw a stick figure


RareBreeds Eugene

Euclidean Rhythm Generator

Clock modulatorSequencer

Ahornberg Tape Recorder

micro cassette recorder

Clock generatorPolyphonicRecordingSampler

NYSTHI Surveillance

One knob to drive all! (10 CV knob)


ZZC Phaseque

Phase-Driven Sequencer


DHE Modules Curve Sequencer 4

Generates a 4 step sequence of curves

SequencerEnvelope generatorLow-frequency oscillator

DHE Modules Curve Sequencer 8

Generates an 8 step sequence of curves

SequencerEnvelope generatorLow-frequency oscillator

DHE Modules Curve Sequencer 16

Generates a 16 step sequence of curves

SequencerEnvelope generatorLow-frequency oscillator

Unfiltered Volume 2 Sunder

3-Band Amplitude Splitter


alto777_LFSR Amuse


RJModules Supersaw

Two detuned saws going rawr.


DHE Modules Stage

Generates a single envelope stage

Envelope generator

Dintree V218 SH Clock Noise

Sample and Hold, Clock and Noise Generator

Clock generatorFunction generatorNoiseRandomSample and holdUtility

DHE Modules Hostage

Generates a hold or sustain envelope stage

Envelope generator

DHE Modules Upstage

Special-purpose envelope controls

Envelope generator

Sonus Dept. Semiramis

Semimodular synthesizer

Synth voiceFilterDelayLow-frequency oscillatorOscillatorEnvelope generator

Erica BlackOctasource

Erica synth Octa LFO

Low-frequency oscillatorHardware clone

Sonus Dept. Voyeur

Looper expander


Vult Nurage

Dual Low Pass Gate/Filter

Low-pass gateFilterVoltage-controlled amplifierPolyphonic

Ahornberg CV-Frequency Shift

linear frequency shifter and modulator for note-cv


computerscare Soly Pequencer

Sequentially step through the channels of a polyphonic signal.


JW-Modules GridSeq


JW-Modules 8Seq


JW-Modules NoteSeq


JW-Modules NoteSeqFu


JW-Modules NoteSeq16


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