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Frozen Wasteland QAR - Grid Control Expander

Allows some QAR expanders to be modulated in a grid fashion


Frozen Wasteland Formal Dinner

Formant Wave VCO


Frozen Wasteland Slice Of Life

Wave Slicing VCO


Frozen Wasteland QAR - Conditional

Clock Divide individual beats in QAR Rhythms


Frozen Wasteland Probably Note - Octave Probability Expander

Adds Multi-Octave Note Range to Probably Not(e)


Frozen Wasteland Filling Station

Multi-Output Sequencer


Frozen Wasteland Megalomanic Compression

Fun Multi-Band Compressor


Frozen Wasteland QAR - Irrational

Add Irrational Rhythms to QAR


Frozen Wasteland Probably Note - Math Nerd

Probabilistic Quantizer using prime number based generative scales


Frozen Wasteland Seriously Slow EG

Envelope Generator for modulating CV over *very* long time periods

Envelope generator

Frozen Wasteland QAR - Well Formed Rhythms

Extra Parameters for Well Formed Algorithm


Frozen Wasteland Portland Weather - Grid Control Expander

Allows Portland Weather to be modulated in a grid fashion


Frozen Wasteland Portland Weather - Algorithmic Expander

Allows Portland Weather to create Euclidean rhythms


Frozen Wasteland Midichlorian

Microtonal CV-MIDI


Frozen Wasteland Portland Weather - Tap Breakoout Expander

Individual Send/Returns for each PW Tap


Frozen Wasteland The Gardener

Sequencer Controller

Clock modulator

Frozen Wasteland Drunken Rampage

Probalistic Dual ramp generator. Inspired by Befaco Rampage.

Function generatorLogicSlew limiterEnvelope followerDualRandom

Frozen Wasteland Just A Phaser

Advanced Phaser


Frozen Wasteland Probably Note - Arabic

Probabilistic Quantizer using Arabic maqams, ajnas and sayrs


Frozen Wasteland QAR - Warped Space

Make your QAR Rhythms explore non-linear space


Frozen Wasteland Seeds Of Change - CV Expander

Additional CV Outs for SoC


Frozen Wasteland Probably Note - Bohlen Pierce

Probabilistic Quantizer using Bohlen Pierce scales and tuning


Frozen Wasteland Probably Note - Chord Expander

Adds Chord Generation to Probably Not(e)


Frozen Wasteland Probably Note

Probabilistic Quantizer


Frozen Wasteland BPM LFO Phase Expander

Add multiple phased outputs to BMPLFO and BPMLFO 2


Frozen Wasteland String Theory

Karpus-Strong String Synthesis


Frozen Wasteland Seeds Of Change

Repeatable Random Number Generator


Frozen Wasteland QAR - Groove

Add Grooves and Microrhythms to QAR


Frozen Wasteland QAR - Probability

Add Randomness to QAR Rhythms


Frozen Wasteland Vox Inhumana Expander

Resonance and Slope Control


Frozen Wasteland BPM LFO

Beat Synchronized LFO

Low-frequency oscillator

Frozen Wasteland BPM LFO 2

Beat Synchronized LFO with CV Waveshape

Low-frequency oscillator

Frozen Wasteland CDC Seriously Slow LFO

Slow LFO taken to absurdity

Low-frequency oscillator

Frozen Wasteland Damian Lillard

4-channel CV crossover/mixer

Voltage-controlled amplifier

Frozen Wasteland Everlasting Glottal Stopper

Vocal Tract simulating VCO


Frozen Wasteland Hair Pick

64 Tap Rhythmic Comb Filter


Frozen Wasteland Lissajous LFO

LFO based on interactions of 4 sine waves

Low-frequency oscillator

Frozen Wasteland Mr. Blue Sky

16 band vocoder


Frozen Wasteland The One Ring Modulator

Ring Modulator with CV controlable response

Ring modulator

Frozen Wasteland Phased Locked Loop

PLL attempts to follow input signals freqency


Frozen Wasteland Portland Weather

16 tap rhythmic delay with per tap pitch shifting and filtering


Frozen Wasteland Quad Algorithmic Rhythm Generator

4 track Euclidean and Golumb Ruler Sequencer


Frozen Wasteland Quantussy Cell

Chainable semi-chatotic CV generator


Frozen Wasteland Roulette LFO

LFO Based on based on rolling curves

Low-frequency oscillator

Frozen Wasteland Seriously Slow LFO

LFO for modulating CV over *very* long time periods

Low-frequency oscillator

Frozen Wasteland Vox Inhumana

Formant/Vowel Filter



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