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AlliewayAudio Bumper

AlliewayAudio Series I $10

Quad Stepped Digital Accumulator. Based on the programming concept of incrementally 'bumping' variables up and down. Send it some gates, and it creates many stepped CVs and sub-rhythms as output - send it some oscillators, and it will explode your Atari.

Clock modulatorDigitalFunction generatorLogicLow-frequency oscillatorOscillatorQuadSample and holdSequencerUtilityWaveshaper


AS Drums n Filters $20

808 style sampled Toms


Path Set Spork

Path Set: Grains $15

A granular FX module. Modulate 6 different granular effects.


LindenbergResearch Test Voltage Source

LindenbergResearch $20

A Precise Voltage-Source with Display.

AlliewayAudio Koan

AlliewayAudio Series I $10

Transforms audio or CVs from subtle warming to annihilation. Telecommunications signal compander (Variable MU-law Encoder/Decoder) with built-in noise, analog clipping, mixer, and thru-zero VCA. Try plugging your favorite filter or effect between encoder and decoder!

CompressorDistortionDigitalEffectLimiterMixerNoiseRing modulatorUtilityVoltage-controlled amplifierWaveshaper

AS VC Filter Stereo

AS Drums n Filters $20

Voltage Controlled Stereo Filter


Autodafe S[Q]UARE

Autodafe - REDs $10

A Square VCO made up of sine waves and Harmonics


Prok Modular Skin In The Game

Prok Modular $25

Single oscillator with frequency and amplitude envelopes designed for drum synthesis

DrumOscillatorSynth voice

Prok Modular Overtime

Prok Modular $25

Distortion and Bit Crusher


VCV Host

VCV Host $30

VST instrument plugin host


Path Set Sifter

Path Set: Grains $15

A granular mixer. Sample 4 sound sources and recombine them endlessly through modulation.


MindMeld uMeld

ShapeMaster Pro $30

8-channel merge for SM-Pro CVs


Hora Spectral Processor

Processors $18

Spectral processor inspired by bucchla 296e


Vult Feigen

Vult Mysteries $10

Bifurcations Generator


SV Modular Comb

Synthetic FX $15

Synthetic FX Comb Filter


LindenbergResearch Neo Filter

LindenbergResearch $20

New Filter-Model based on the Design of the Classic Ladder-Filter


Regen Modular Cyclex LFO

Regen Modular $20

Low-frequency oscillator that generates waveforms using looped simplex noise.

Low-frequency oscillatorPolyphonic

LindenbergResearch Valerie MS20 Filter

LindenbergResearch $20

Valerie MS20 Style 12dB/oct Sallen-Key Lowpass-Filter


Autodafe WAR[S]AW

Autodafe - REDs $10

A Super-Saw Oscillator


BB Modules Fox

BB Modules $25

Clean Overdrive


AS TEK Percussions

AS Drums n Filters $20

909 style sampled Percussions


Vult Anima

Vult Mysteries $10

Psychic Sequence Generator


Regen Modular Cyclex VCO

Regen Modular $20

Oscillator that generates waveforms using looped simplex noise.


Vult Send

Vult Modules $25

Stereo Channel Send/Return


Hora Deep

Analog Drums $24

Analog Bass Drum


Prok Modular Win Win Situation

Prok Modular $25

Pair of Oscillators with frequency and amplitude envelopes designed for drum synthesis

DrumOscillatorSynth voice

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