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Sm@rTAZZ Studio Multiplier

Multiplies a polyphonic signal to 4 outputs


MUS-X Mod Matrix

MIDI controllable 13x16 Modulation Matrix



Simple one-pole lowpass filter.


Sickozell switcher8

Eight 2>1 switch, 1>2 router, 2 signal swapper, mute, flip flop, toggle gate


Sickozell modulator7

7 triangle/ramp LFOs with sync feature

Low-frequency oscillatorPolyphonic

Sickozell modulator

triangle/ramp LFOs with sync feature

Low-frequency oscillator

SSE Keyboard-Sequencer

Create and control sequences with a MIDI keyboard


Mathematics and Music Lab (MML) Square Root Quantizer (SQT QNT)

Quantizer to produce a musical scale tuned to the square roots of whole numbers.


Mathematics and Music Lab (MML) Logarithmic Quantizer (LOG QNT)

Quantizer to produce the non-Pythagorean musical scale of The Apples in Stereo, tuned to the logarithms of whole numbers.


Sapphire Tout

Receives vectors from the left just like Tricorder does, then outputs them to ports.


Sapphire Polynucleus

Simulation of a cloud of particles with mutually attractive, repulsive, and orthogonal forces.

Physical modelingEffectFilterReverb

Sapphire Hiss

Generates directionally unbiased N-dimensional vector noise.


Venom Widget Menu Extender

Extend context menus to support parameter/port renaming and parameter custom defaults


Venom Push 5

5 configurable push buttons


Venom Poly Sample & Hold Analog Shift Register

Ten channel polyphonic sample and hold combined with a shift register

PolyphonicRandomSample and hold

Venom NORSIQ Chord To Scale

Convert a polyphonic chord into CV to generate a scale for the Non-Octave_Repeating Scale Intervallic Quantizer


Venom Logic

Flexible logic gate processor suitable for both CV and audio applications


Venom Knob 5

5 configurable constant voltage knobs


Venom Benjolin Oscillator

Complex chaotic oscillator emulating the oscillator and rungler components of a Benjolin

Low-frequency oscillatorOscillatorRandomSequencer

Impromptu NoteEcho

CV/Gate-based delay

Sample and holdDelay

Bacon Music Patch Name Display

Shows you your patch name

Sapphire Nucleus

Simulation of a cloud of particles with mutually attractive, repulsive, and orthogonal forces.

Physical modelingEffectFilterReverb

Sickozell sickoLooperX

1 track Looper / Expander for sickoLooper1


Sickozell sickoLooper1

1 track looper with builtin clock generator, click and meter


Biset Blank

Animated cables & scope on hovered cables


Biset Regex Exp

Regex expander outputing gate

ExpanderClock modulatorControllerDigital

DanT Seizure Trigger [Purfenator Expander]

[3hp][Nu-Metal] Enables CV control of the Purfenator parameters. Excessive modulation is highly discouraged.


Vult Stress

Vult Modules

Test signal generator


Vult Stress

Test signal generator


Sparkette's Stuff Polyphonic Selector

Selects one output (or more) from a polyphonic input based on the voltage from another input.


Sparkette's Stuff RGB Matrix (64x64)

An array of RGB lights with built-in oscillators for generating and displaying patterns.


Sparkette's Stuff RGB Matrix (16x16)

An array of RGB lights with built-in oscillators for generating and displaying patterns.


MUS-X Drift

Random constant offset and drift.


MUS-X OnePole

Simple one-pole highpass and lowpass filters.


MUS-X Delay

Bucket-brigade ping-pong delay.


MUS-X Oscillators

Massively oversampled analog oscillator pair with sync, FM and ringmod.

OscillatorLow-frequency oscillatorPolyphonic

MUS-X Tuner

Tune a V/Oct signal by octaves, semitones and cents.



ADSR envelope generator.

Envelope generatorPolyphonic

sn sn-lfox

sn experimental additive synthesizer LFO expander


sn sn-lfo

sn experimental additive synthesizer LFO

Function generatorLow-frequency oscillatorWaveshaper

sn sn-vcox

sn experimental additive synthesizer VCO expander


sn sn-vco

sn experimental additive synthesizer VCO

OscillatorFunction generatorWaveshaper

OrangeLine Morpheus

Morphing of given or random sequences with turing machine functionality and 16 Internal Memory Slots.


The Strange Agency HexaGrain

Granular HexNut


The Strange Agency HexNut CV Expander

Parameter voltage control.

The Strange Agency HexNut

Three dimensional looper.


Minimal Friction Kanon

Single-pitch input polyphonic oscillator


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