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Sm@rTAZZ Studio Pulse-VCO

A pulse wave VCO with pulse-width, phase, volume and frequency modulation


Sanguine Modules Sanguine Nodi

A macro oscillator based on Mutable Instruments Braids

OscillatorWaveshaperHardware clone

Sanguine Modules Funes

Based on Mutable Instruments Plaits 1.2

OscillatorHardware clonePolyphonic

CV funk Ouros

A stereo phase injection oscillator, with polar waveform display.


Befaco Octaves

A harsh and funky take of an additive Oscillator.

Hardware cloneOscillatorPolyphonic

Biset It's good cholesterol

Recorder / buffer playground with polyphonic playhead


Sm@rTAZZ Studio Triangle-VCO

A triangle wave VCO with phase, volume and frequency modulation


Sm@rTAZZ Studio Sine-VCO

A sine wave VCO with phase, volume and frequency modulation


Sm@rTAZZ Studio Saw-VCO

A sawtooth wave VCO with phase, volume and frequency modulation


Venom Benjolin Oscillator

Complex chaotic oscillator emulating the oscillator and rungler components of a Benjolin

Low-frequency oscillatorOscillatorRandomSequencer

MUS-X Oscillators

Massively oversampled analog oscillator pair with sync, FM and ringmod.

OscillatorLow-frequency oscillatorPolyphonic

sn sn-vco

sn experimental additive synthesizer VCO

OscillatorFunction generatorWaveshaper

Minimal Friction Kanon

Single-pitch input polyphonic oscillator


Biset Please Kill Me

Bouncy stereo VCO


Biset The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

PM AM RM VCO with pitch turbulence and attraction


Rigatoni Modular Loom

An additive oscillator based loosely on the structure of Euclidean pattern sequencing

DigitalLow-frequency oscillatorOscillatorSynth voice

Patchable Devices Comparing Counter

Pulse counter / frequency divider with advanced comparator input

Clock generatorClock modulatorOscillatorUtilityWaveshaper

Daniel Davies Bend

Phase modulation oscillator

OscillatorLow-frequency oscillator

HetrickCV Phasor Burst Generator

Generates a phasor repeatedly for a given number of times.

OscillatorClock generatorClock modulatorLow-frequency oscillatorPolyphonic

Frozen Wasteland Formal Dinner

Formant Wave VCO


docB Osc9

Waveshaping Oscillaor


docB Osc8

Two additive oscillators with linear FM through zero and cross FM


docB Osc7

Komplex Oscillaor providing phase distorted waves


NullPath Turbulence

A supersaw oscillator/synth voice, with noise and a built-in ADSR envelope

OscillatorPolyphonicSynth voice

van Ties Ad

additive oscillator


alef's bits nos

a weird noise-based oscillator thing


Photuri Electronics Cricketter

Cricket Sound Oscillator


docB Osc6

Komplex Oscillaor using bit logic


docB Osc5

Pulse oscillator with alias suppressing


docB Osc4

Classic oscillator with alias suppressing


docB Osc3

Step/Line segment oscillator with alias suppressing


docB Osc1

Line segement oscillator with alias suppressing


docB Osc2

Double Sinus Oscillator


docB PRB

Parabolic Oscillator


TyrannosaurusRu Pluck

Karplus-Strong plucked string implementation

OscillatorPhysical modelingPolyphonic

trowaSoft polyGen

Polygon generator/oscillator. Generates output CVs for x and y coordinates of shapes for drawing.


trowaSoft multiWaveMini

Digital oscillator module with three (3) oscillators/clocks, each with two (2) configurable wave channel outputs. Same as multiWave but smaller without display.

OscillatorRing modulator

Questionable Modules SLURP

Oscillator that uses quaternion rotation to oscillate

Synth voiceOscillatorLow-frequency oscillatorPolyphonic

Digital Apothecary Sage

An oscillator that adds harmonically related sine waves.


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