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Dintree V102 Output Mixer

Four Input Mixer with Pan Pots and Output Level Meter

MixerPanningQuadUtilityHardware clone

Dintree V101 Dual Envelope

Dual ADSR, AR and LFO Generator

DualEnvelope generatorLow-frequency oscillatorHardware clone

Count Modula Cable Palette

Cable colour picker


Count Modula Light Strip

Illuminated Blanking Panel


Count Modula Hyper Maniacal LFO Output Expander

Individual Outputs for the Hyper Maniacal LFO

Low-frequency oscillatorExpander

Count Modula Hyper Maniacal LFO

Complex LFO

Low-frequency oscillator

Modular Fungi Opsylloscope

Scope for when the lights are off


Dintree V100 Scanner

CV and voltage-control source sequencer / scanner


Truly DasBut8

Hold on to your but


Truly DasButPoly

Push me harder


Truly DasBut

Push someone's buttons


iggy.labs select

Utility to route one of 16 inputs to an output


Rackwindows Vibrato

FM vibrator o_O

ChorusClock generatorEffectFlangerPolyphonicUtility

Rackwindows Tremolo

Fluctuating saturation curves


Rackwindows Tape

All-purpose tape mojo


Rackwindows ResEQ

Resonance equalizer


Rackwindows MV

Dual-mono reverb


Rackwindows Interstage

Subtle analogifier


Rackwindows Hombre

Texas tone and texture


Rackwindows Distance



Rackwindows Console

Stereo summing mixer


Rackwindows Chorus

Stereo chorus with multi-tap option


Rackwindows Capacitor Stereo

Filters (Stereo)


Rackwindows Capacitor

Filters (Mono)


Rackwindows Dual BSG

Dual gain shifter


KautenjaDSP Pulses

An emulation of the Sunsoft FME-7 chip from Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) cartridges.


KautenjaDSP Name Corp Octal Wave Generator

An emulation of the Namco 163 wavetable chip from Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) cartridges.


KautenjaDSP StepSaw

An emulation of the Konami VRC6 chip from Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) cartridges.


KautenjaDSP Infinite Stairs

An emulation of the Ricoh 2A03 chip from the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES).


VCV Sound Stage

Reverb processor that simulates virtual sources and microphones on a 3D stage


Frozen Wasteland Probably Note - Math Nerd

Probabilistic Quantizer using prime number based generative scales


iggy.labs table

Wavetable oscillator for user-imported wavetables


Prok Modular Quad Selector Expander

Expander for Drum Modules. Allows quad selection via knob or CV


unless modules towers

dual fader bank, constant CV source with polyphonic io and mods. up to 16 faders each


unless modules SNAKIA

emulative snake game modulator


unless modules room

a rack row arranger that can move complete rows of modules and add empty rows between existing ones for a faster workflow


unless modules tancor

swinging gate machine based around a parametric binary tree, inspired by the cantor set

SequencerClock generator

Alright Devices Zzzorb

Four-pole multimode filter and VCA

FilterVoltage-controlled amplifierHardware clone

Studio Six Plus One Zazel

Parameter Controller for fades and LFO

Clock modulatorFunction generatorLow-frequency oscillatorController

Studio Six Plus One Eva


MixerVoltage-controlled amplifierPolyphonic

Studio Six Plus One LaLa

Two way cross over

FilterPolyphonicUtilityVoltage-controlled amplifier

Studio Six Plus One Te

Tyrant Expander


Prok Modular Dual Filter

Dual filters with Band Pass, Low Pass and High Pass


Prok Modular Micro Mixer

Micro Mixer for 5 inputs


Prok Modular Six Square Feet

Six Square Oscillators


Prok Modular Win Win Situation

Pair of Oscillators with frequency and amplitude envelopes designed for drum synthesis

DrumOscillatorSynth voice

Prok Modular Skin In The Game

Single oscillator with frequency and amplitude envelopes designed for drum synthesis

DrumOscillatorSynth voice

Prok Modular Drum Envelope

Three stage envelope (Attack, Decay, Breakpoint) for drum synthesis

Envelope generatorDrum

Prok Modular Overtime

Distortion and Bit Crusher


Prok Modular Whistle While You Work

Triple Noise Generator


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