85 modules found

Audible Instruments Quad VC-polarizer

Based on Mutable Instruments Blinds

MixerAttenuatorHardware clone

Venom Mix Fade 2 Expander

Add independent rise/fall fades for mute/solo to any of the Mix modules


Bogaudio OFFSET

CV offset and scaler


noobhour Bsl1r

A single-channel Baseliner.


computerscare Toly Pools

Polyphonic toolset including rotator, number-of-channels selector


Venom Mix Pan Expander

Add pan control to either of the stereo Mix modules


VCV 8vert

Attenuverts 8 signals or creates constant voltages


Instruō [1]f

Fader Module (1f)

Hardware cloneAttenuatorMixerUtility

Ahornberg Equal Division

microtonal re-tuner and attenuverter


Venom Mix Aux Send Expander

Add aux send/return to any of the Mix modules


Stochastic Telegraph BASICally

Generate sequences, perform math on inputs, and even multitask with a simple BASIC-like language. Can also send Tipsy text messages to modules that support them.

AttenuatorFunction generatorSequencerSample and holdUtility

Holonic Systems Dumbwaiter

8 step sequencer and switch. One could see it as a A-155 / A-154 / A-152 merged into one module


Venom VCA Mix 4 Stereo

Stereo compact audio or CV VCA, mixer, attenuator, inverter, amplifier, and/or offset

AttenuatorMixerPolyphonicRing modulatorUtilityVoltage-controlled amplifier

Befaco A*B+C

Dual four-quadrant multiplier with VC offset

Ring modulatorAttenuatorDualHardware clonePolyphonic

Bark Low Mid High EQ

Attenuating EQ with mid boost.


Venom Mix 4 Stereo

Stereo compact audio or CV mixer, attenuator, inverter, amplifier, and/or offset



Gate transposer. Kind of a tuning plug-board for gate triggers.


Vult Knobs

Vult Modules

Modulation Mixer and Macro Control



Exponential VCA and future estimator with error? A very simple utility.

UtilityAttenuatorVoltage-controlled amplifierDynamicsPolyphonic

Venom Bernoulli Switch

Randomly route two inputs to two outputs, with built in scaling and offset capabilities


docB OFS

CPU friendly polyphonic offset/scaler with polyphonic cv inputs and cv attenuators


stoermelder µAFFIX

Insert for polyphonic cables for adding offsets in Volt, semitones or octaves (8 channels)


Count Modula Voltage Scaler

Rescale a voltage from one range to another


Venom Shaped VCA

Stereo VCA with a variable response curve, hard/soft clipping, ring modulation, and oversampling

AttenuatorPolyphonicRing modulatorUtilityVoltage-controlled amplifierWaveshaper

catronomix 8xatn

8 attenuverters with cv control anx x2 signal boost


Venom VCA Mix 4

Compact audio or CV VCA, mixer, attenuator, inverter, amplifier, and/or offset

AttenuatorMixerPolyphonicRing modulatorUtilityVoltage-controlled amplifier

VCV Rescale

Rescales voltages with gain, offset, and range limiting


moDllz Kn8b

Polyphonic Attenuator / Inverter / VCA

UtilityPolyphonicAttenuatorVoltage-controlled amplifier

Count Modula Attenuator

Dual attenuator with attenuverting option


SV Modular Tine

Voltage Based Splitter


Befaco Dual Atenuverter

Attenuates, inverts, and applies offset to a signal

AttenuatorDualHardware clonePolyphonic

Mockba Modular FeidahS

Simple stereo signal fader with VCA

AttenuatorVoltage-controlled amplifierPolyphonic

Venom Mix Mute Expander

Add mutes to any of the Mix modules


Geodesics Entropia

Thermodynamic microstate sequencer


noobhour Baseliner

A 4x probabilistic attenuverting switch.


Bark One Band

Dual-Mono parametric EQ


Geodesics Torus

Bi-dimensional multimixer


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