82 modules found

SV Modular Tsunami

Tsunami Wave Multiplier


PdArray Array

Draw or record sequences, envelopes or audio

Envelope generatorFunction generatorSamplerVisualWaveshaperPolyphonic

OrangeLine Fence

Keep CVs in a defined pitch range


nozoïd Nozori_68_WS

Wave shaper and distortion with a VC Panoramic

Hardware cloneDualDistortionEffectWaveshaper

Count Modula Sub Harmonic Generator

Fatten up a single oscillator with sub harmonics


AS Wave Shaper Stereo

WaveShaper Stereo Fx with bypass switch


repelzen re-fold



Autinn Digi

Quantizes a signal into discrete steps


Autinn Flopper

Mix signals in uncommon way


Count Modula Rectifier

A full/half wave rectifier with variable rectification axis


mscHack Maude Two to One

Rectify/Combine 2 mono signals


Starling Via SCANNER

multi-channel waveshaper

WaveshaperDistortionHardware clone

catronomix aAvsBb

Multi-purpose quadcomparator/wave folder with 4 inputs

LogicSample and holdWaveshaper

AS Wave Shaper

WaveShaper Fx with bypass switch


Sonus Dept. Mr. Cheb

Chebyshev Waveshaper


Sonus Dept. Scramblase

Many Waveshapers


Valley Amalgam

Multi-mode stereo signal combiner. Amalgam lets you combine and smash together signals in many different ways.

Ring modulatorEffectWaveshaper

Count Modula Morph Shaper

Morphing controller and wave shaper


HetrickCV Bitshift

Bitshifting distortion and waveshaping effect


HetrickCV Exponent

Raise a signal to a power


HetrickCV Waveshaper

Modulatable hyperbolic waveshaper


Audible Instruments Meta Modulator

Based on Mutable Instruments Warps

Ring modulatorWaveshaperHardware clone

SV Modular Oscar^2

Oscillator Madness


Squinky Labs Shaper

Precision Wave Shaper


DHE Modules Cubic

Offsets, scales, squares, and cubes its input signal


DHE Modules Swave

A waveshaper with a unique sigmoid transfer function


Bacon Music Bitulator

A sub-par distortion and bit cruncher


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