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MindMeld BassMaster

Dual band spatialiser for high spread and bass mono with VU meter


MindMeld BassMasterJr

Dual band spatialiser for high spread and bass mono



Polyphonic ADSR linear and exponential, to use as expander for TZOP

Envelope generatorFunction generatorExpanderPolyphonic

NYSTHI Ambuance Reverb

Reverb based on the Juhana Sadeharju GigaVerb



FM Operator dx7 style, Sinusoid VCO

OscillatorLow-frequency oscillatorPolyphonicUtility

Admiral Divisions

Clock divider and polyrhythm generator.

SwitchClock modulatorSequencer

Sckitam WaveguideDelay

High precision delay. Building block for waveguide, Karplus-Strong synthesis, Flanger and Chorus

DelayOscillatorPhysical modelingFlangerChorus

Audible Instruments EQ Filter

Based on Mutable Instruments Shelves


Frequency Domain Freudian Slip

Resynthesizing Sampler

Synth voiceSampler

Captain's Sounds MIO - Multiple Input to Output

Dual polyphonic multi input to out


Captain's Sounds IMO - Input to Multiple Output

Dual polyphonic input to multi out


Voxglitch Grain Engine MK2

Granular syntesis based .wav player


Captain's Sounds VBNO - Voice By Note Oscillator

Oscillator with locked pitch by octave & note. Also allows for v/oct overrides rounding voltage to nearest octave or note.


Captain's Sounds Pow

Uni-polar and Bi-polar voltage generator and attenuator


Captain's Sounds Nip

Hard clipper with ceiling


Captain's Sounds Blank 904

4HP Blank 90h theme


Captain's Sounds Blank 902

2HP Blank 90h theme


Captain's Sounds Blank 901

1HP Blank 90h theme


az modulo

sequencer based on the modulo % operation


Studio Six Plus One Massarti

Comb Filter


Studio Six Plus One Tyrant

Polyphonic Shift Register

PolyphonicSample and holdRandom

Studio Six Plus One Maccomo

Ladder Filter self oscillating vcf


Studio Six Plus One Wallenda

Karplus–Strong Delay with unison

PolyphonicDelayEffectPhysical modeling

Erica FusionDelay

Erica synth BBD delay

EffectDelayHardware clone

manikk Dual Active Multiple

Dual active multiple. The upper multiple output 3 is normalized to the lower multiple input.

UtilityHardware clone

manikk Dual 3 Channel Mixer

Dual 3 channel mixer. The upper mixer output is normalized to the lower mixer input 1

MixerHardware clone

manikk MASH

1 Attenuverter, 2 Attenuators and Buffered multiple

UtilityHardware clone

manikk SHMIX

6 channel mixer with level shift

MixerHardware clone

manikk Outbreak Link

SW Link to the HW manikk OUTBREAK


Frozen Wasteland Seriously Slow EG

Envelope Generator for modulating CV over *very* long time periods

Envelope generator

Frozen Wasteland QAR - Well Formed Rhythms

Extra Parameters for Well Formed Algorithm


SV Modular Caillou

Caillou Granular Resynthesis Engine

Synth voiceGranularOscillator

Hora Vector Synth Free

Vector Phaseshaping Synthesis

OscillatorSynth voice

Hora Vector Synth

Vector Phaseshaping Synthesis

OscillatorPolyphonicSynth voice

rchoices gchoice

randomly select from inputs using a gaussian distribution


rchoices uchoice

randomly select from inputs


Voxglitch Grain Fx

Granular effects for incoming audio.


Submarine TD-510

TD-510 Vertical Text Display


Frozen Wasteland Portland Weather - Grid Control Expander

Allows Portland Weather be modulated in a grid fashion


Lunetta Modula MC14530 Dual 5 Input Majority Gate

Dual 5 Input Majority Gate


Lunetta Modula CD4086 Expandable 4-Wide 2-Input AND-OR-INVERT Gate

Expandable 4-Wide 2-Input AND-OR-INVERT Gate


Lunetta Modula Zeroes

Constant Logical Zeroes


Lunetta Modula Ones

Constant Logical Ones


Lunetta Modula CD4082 Dual 4-Input AND Gate

Dual 4-Input AND Gate


Lunetta Modula CD4081 Quad 2-Input AND Gate

Quad 2-Input AND Gate


Lunetta Modula CD4078 8-Input OR/NOR Gate

8-Input OR/NOR Gate


Lunetta Modula CD4077 Quad 2-Input XNOR Gate

Quad 2-Input XNOR Gate


Lunetta Modula CD4072 Dual 4-Input OR Gate

Dual 4-Input OR Gate


Lunetta Modula CD4071 Quad 2-Input OR Gate

Quad 2-Input OR Gate


Lunetta Modula CD4068 8-Input AND/NAND Gate

8-Input AND/NAND Gate


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