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Count Modula Carousel Rotating Router

Sequentially rotate up to 8 inputs through up to 8 outputs


Count Modula Manual 4 Input Switch

Manually select any one of 4 inputs


Count Modula Manual 3 Input Switch

Manually select any one of 3 inputs


Count Modula Manual DPDT Switch

Manually switch between 2 inputs


Squinky Labs Samp

Sampler that loads standard SFZ files.

PolyphonicSamplerSynth voice

Frozen Wasteland Probably Note - Octave Probability Expander

Adds Multi-Octave Note Range to Probably Not(e)


Frozen Wasteland Filling Station

Multi-Output Sequencer


Axioma Rhodonea

Oscillator based on rhodonea (rose) curves


Sha#Bang! Modules Random Route Switch

Randomly routes one input to 4 possible outputs


Sha#Bang! Modules Collider

Physics-based shaker

GranularPhysical modelingPolyphonic

JW-Modules 8Seq


JW-Modules Pete


RareBreeds Polygene

Polyphonic Rhythm Generator

Clock modulatorSequencerPolyphonic

computerscare Horse A Doodle Doo

Rhythm generator

SequencerClock modulatorPolyphonic

computerscare Moly Patrix

Polyphonic mix matrix


computerscare Goly Penerator

Polyphonic constant CV signal generation


computerscare Custom Blank Expander

Allows CV Control of Computerscare Custom Blank GIF Animation


Bogaudio 4FO

Quadrature LFO

Low-frequency oscillatorRandomPolyphonic

Axioma Ikeda

Generate CV output sequences with positions of chaotic attractors in the Ikeda map


Axioma Tesseract

Generate CV output sequences using vertex positions of a rotating tesseract projected on a 2D space

Low-frequency oscillatorVisual

Axioma TheBifurcator

Generate CV/GATE/TRIGGER outputs based on bifurcation maps of iterated functions


Ahornberg MIDI over Audio

complement to the MIDI over Audio VST


Grande Tails

Mono to poly sequential note splitter—helps preserve envelope tails.

UtilityPolyphonicAttenuatorVoltage-controlled amplifier

AlgoritmArte MusiMath

Music meets math, an arithmetic driven sequencer


captvolt sidofon

Raw SID 6581/8580 chip emulation using ReSID engine

Synth voiceFilter

AlgoritmArte CyclicCA

Cyclic Cellular Automata visualizer and sequencer


Voxglitch Hazumi

Bouncing ball sequencer


Frozen Wasteland MIDI Recorder

MIDI Gate Recorder


8Mode softSN Machine

OscillatorSynth voice

AlgoritmArte HoldMeTight

Triple sample and hold with an integrated quantizer

Sample and holdQuantizer

Voxglitch Byte Beat

Module that will get converted to something more interesting.


Frozen Wasteland Megalomanic Compression

Fun Multi-Band Compressor


Comfortzone Kickbaba

Psy Kick Bass


AlgoritmArte Zefiro

A full synthesizer inspired by the iconic Buchla Music Easel

Synth voice

RareBreeds Eugene

Euclidean Rhythm Generator

Clock modulatorSequencer

Stalys Blank

Blank panel


AlgoritmArte MusiFrog

A musical frog jumping around an harmonic lake


Agave AgaveBlank


Agave Agave VCF

VCF modelled after the Korg MS-20

FilterPhysical modelingEffect

Agave Agave Metallic

Noise generator for cymbals


Agave Agave Fxld

Buchla-style wavefolder


Agave Agave Lowpass Filter Bank

Bank of RC lowpass filters


AlgoritmArte Planetz

The music produced by rotating planets


Grande MergeSplit4

4-channel polyphonic merge and split.


ZetaCarinae Firefly

Phase-coupled oscillator system


Stalys 8 Clock to V/Oct

Octal clock to volt per octave converter

Clock generatorUtility

Stalys 8 Clip

Octal clip distortion module


Stalys 8 Offset

Octal offset module


Stalys 8 A/B Y switches

Octal 2-in 1-out switch (A/B Y)


Stalys 8 Averager

Octal three-inputs signal averager


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