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Minimal Friction Terminal

Feedback loop mixer


Biset It's good cholesterol

Recorder / buffer playground with polyphonic playhead


DanT Little Pig

[21hp][Neon-Oblique] Experimental feedback distortion.


Sapphire Polynucleus

Simulation of a cloud of particles with mutually attractive, repulsive, and orthogonal forces.

Physical modelingEffectFilterReverb

Sapphire Nucleus

Simulation of a cloud of particles with mutually attractive, repulsive, and orthogonal forces.

Physical modelingEffectFilterReverb

MUS-X Delay

Bucket-brigade ping-pong delay.


Surge XT Nimbus

A popular granular eurorack module


Surge XT Bonsai

A Tape Distortion Model


Sapphire Glee

Chaotic oscillator based on the Aizawa Attractor.

Physical modelingEffectLow-frequency oscillator

Sapphire Frolic

Chaotic oscillator based on the Rucklidge Attractor.

Physical modelingEffectLow-frequency oscillator

Venom Reformation

Transform CV or audio by mapping way point voltages to new values

DistortionEffectPolyphonicUtilityVoltage-controlled amplifierWaveshaper

NANO Modules CEQ

DJ Equalizer & Compressor

EffectDynamicsEqualizerFilterHardware clone

Yokai_Holiday Taps

Reverse Delay - Two adjustable taps on a record buffer


Noumenal HUB

Stereo effect mixer and chain manipulator featuring parallel-sequential switching, feedback generation, and smooth bypass with fades


NOI Hellebore

granular reverb


Venom Recurse Stereo

Recursively process mono or stereo input via Send/Return, with built in scaling and offset cababilities

EffectPolyphonicRing modulatorUtility

Venom Recurse

Recursively process an input via Send/Return, with built in scaling and offset cababilities

EffectPolyphonicRing modulatorUtility

Airwindows Airwindows Suite for Rack

Airwindows is a collection of effects; this module contains all of them


Surge XT Tuned Delay +

An expanded version of the Tuned Delay, perfect for many physical modelling and flanging style patches


NOI Wilt

Digital Wilt


VCV Convolver

VCV Rack 2 Pro VCV Rack 2 Pro Bundle

Convolves mono/stereo audio with an impulse response (IR) in real-time


VCV Reverb

VCV Rack 2 Pro VCV Rack 2 Pro Bundle

Stereo morphing reverb processor with a waterfall plot


Surge XT Tuned Delay Line by Frequency

The Surge XT Delay Line, tuned by v/oct with sample offset for KS and so on


Surge XT Delay

The Surge XT Delay


Surge XT TreeMonster

You'll love it. Its a way of life

EffectPolyphonicRing modulator

Surge XT SpringReverb

The Surge XT SpringReverb


Surge XT Combulator

The Surge XT Combulator


Surge XT Ensemble

The Surge XT Ensemble


Surge XT Exciter

The Surge XT Exciter


Surge XT Chow

The Surge XT Chow


Surge XT Resonator

The Surge XT Resonator


Surge XT Neuron

The Surge XT Neuron


Surge XT RingMod

The Surge XT RingMod

EffectPolyphonicRing modulator

Surge XT Flanger

The Surge XT Flanger


Surge XT Reverb2

The Surge XT Reverb2


Surge XT Vocoder

The Surge XT Vocoder


Surge XT Chorus

The Surge XT Chorus


Surge XT FrequencyShifter

The Surge XT FrequencyShifter


Surge XT Distortion

The Surge XT Distortion


Surge XT RotarySpeaker

The Surge XT RotarySpeaker


Surge XT Phaser

The Surge XT Phaser


Surge XT Reverb

The Surge XT Reverb


Sapphire Elastika

Filters audio through a simulated network of balls and springs.

Physical modelingEffectFilterReverb

docB BWF

A brickwall filter


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