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OME Masino

Yet another arpeggiator with useful features.


DanT Charlie Foxtrot

[28hp][Nu-Metal] An 8-channel polyphonic VCA + slew + envelope + clock counter & pass-through mess of a module!

Clock modulatorEnvelope generatorPolyphonicSequencerSlew limiterUtilityVoltage-controlled amplifier

Venom VCO Lab

Audio or low frequency oscillator with 4 simultaneous waveforms, mixing, linear/exponential FM, phase modulation, hard/soft sync, PWM, and more

Function generatorLow-frequency oscillatorOscillatorPolyphonic

Venom Bypass

Bypass one or more modules at the end of patched cables


Venom Blocker

Blocks expander chains


Venom Bay Output

Teleporting output utility with custom labels for patch bays


Venom Bay Normal

Teleporting output utility with normal inputs and custom labels for patch bays


Venom Bay Input

Teleporting input utility with custom labels for patch bays


OME Tezca

Generates chord progressions using a simplistic approach of the Bartók axis system.


Hutara Hutara Random

Sample&Hold and Random Gate

RandomSample and hold

Hutara Hutara PsyOperator

Psychedelic Synthesizer,VCO with FM Synthesis, Resample and Waveshaper


Ahornberg X-Glide

cross-glide between 2 notes


Sanguine Modules Sanguine Mortuus

Based on the Dead Man's Catch alternative firmware for Peaks'

DrumEnvelope generatorOscillatorLow-frequency oscillatorSequencerHardware cloneDual

Sanguine Modules Sanguine Etesia

A texture synthesizer based on the Clouds Parasite

GranularReverbHardware clone

Sanguine Modules Sanguine Nebulae

A texture synthesizer based on Audible Instruments' Clouds'

GranularReverbHardware clone

Sanguine Modules Sanguine Contextus

A macro oscillator based on the Reinassance alternative firmware for Braids

OscillatorWaveshaperHardware clone

computerscare Toly Pools v2

Polyphonic toolset including rotator, number-of-channels selector


WavsynModular Strange

Chaotic dual-channel CV and Sample & Hold generator

Sample and hold

WavsynModular Pleats

Wavefolder with CV controls


T Spine

A few constant CV offsets I use often.


Sapphire Galaxy

An adaptation of the Airwindows Galactic algorithm by Chris Johnson (https://github.com/airwindows).


CV funk Morta

Single-knob macro-controller utility with 16 simultaneous outputs in different ranges.


CV funk Decima

Ten-channel gate sequencer with per-step probability.


CV funk Nona

Nine-channel CV gain/offset utility mixer.


OME Damonitu

Generates arpeggios/melodies/(your noun here) based on euclidean rhythmic patterns and randomizable, or fixed, melodic patterns.


DanT Time Lord

[24hp][Nu-Metal] Time-based event triggers and gates.

Clock generatorSequencerUtility

Sparkette's Stuff Trixie

Trixie joins Ellie as a blank panel


scanner darkly comparator

polyphonic comparator


scanner darkly transgate

gate controlled precision adder


Sm@rTAZZ Studio Ticker

Clock with lots of options

Clock generator

Sm@rTAZZ Studio Pulse-VCO

A pulse wave VCO with pulse-width, phase, volume and frequency modulation


Sanguine Modules Sanguine Nodi

A macro oscillator based on Mutable Instruments' Braids

OscillatorWaveshaperHardware clone

Sanguine Modules Sanguine Aleae

Based on Mutable Instruments' Branches

RandomDualHardware clonePolyphonic

Sanguine Modules Sanguine Mutants Blank

Put a goblin and the Mutants logo on your rack!


Sanguine Modules Funes

Based on Mutable Instruments' Plaits 1.2

OscillatorHardware clonePolyphonic

Sickozell multiRouter

Stereo 1>8 router


Sickozell multiSwitcher

Stereo 8>1 switch


Sickozell enver

Envelope generator with stereo VCA

Envelope generatorVoltage-controlled amplifierPolyphonic

Sickozell clocker2

Clock generator with 6 dividers/multipliers

Clock generatorClock modulator

CV funk Syncro

Eight channel clock ratio generator.

Clock generatorClock modulator

Path Set Glass Shard

This node-based sequencer gives you a new configuration each week, begging to be your creative muse for melody.


Minimal Friction Terminal

Feedback loop mixer


CV funk Flower Patch

A 12-tone scale polar visualizer with FFT analysis.


Sparkette's Stuff Accessor

Connects to an adjacent DMA-compatible module to allow for reading and writing of memory.


Sparkette's Stuff DMA-FX

An expander that connects to an adjacent DMA-compatible module, providing a selection of miscellaneous effect triggers.


Stochastic Telegraph Depict

Visualizes activity of other modules within a Memory system.


Stochastic Telegraph Embellish

A recording and playback head for a Memory system of modules.


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