178 modules found

Grayscale Algorhythm


8-channel polyrhythmic trigger sequencer

SequencerHardware clone

Magus Instrumentalis Azathoth


Chaotic oscillator (new)

OscillatorNoiseHardware clone

nozoïd Nozori_68_VCF_MOD


Stereo VCF

Hardware cloneDualFilter

NANO Modules ONA

NANO Modules

Analog Multifunction Oscillator

OscillatorLow-frequency oscillatorHardware clone

Befaco Hex Mix VCA


Six channel VCA with response curve range from logarithmic to linear and to exponential

MixerHardware clonePolyphonicVoltage-controlled amplifier

nozoïd Nozori_84_SIN_FM


4 oscillators FM modulation oscillator

Hardware cloneOscillator

Starling Via SYNC

Starling Via

clock-synced signal source

OscillatorClock modulatorHardware clone

nozoïd Nozori_84_8_BITS


8 bit audio generator

Hardware cloneDualDigitalEffectOscillator

E-Series E340 Cloud Generator


Based on Synthesis Technology E340

OscillatorPolyphonicHardware clone

nozoïd Nozori_68_LFO_MOD


LFO, with parametric waveform and syncronisation to any signal

Hardware cloneDualFunction generatorLow-frequency oscillatorSample and hold

nozoïd Nozori_84_VCF


Dual filter with parametric control of the frequency response.

Hardware cloneFilter

manikk Dual Active Multiple

manikk Free Modules

Dual active multiple. The upper multiple output 3 is normalized to the lower multiple input.

UtilityHardware clone

Audible Instruments Resonator

Audible Instruments

Based on Mutable Instruments Rings

Physical modelingHardware clone

nozoïd Nozori_84_TROPICAL


Tropical additive synthesis

Hardware cloneDigitalOscillator

Nonlinear Circuits GENiE

Nonlinear Circuits

Three Neurons tangled together in a feedback network of chaos. Panel by jk.

MixerNoiseUtilityRandomHardware clone

nozoïd Nozori_84_JONG_LFO


Peter de Jong chaotic attractor

Hardware cloneFunction generatorLow-frequency oscillator

Nonlinear Circuits BOOLs

Nonlinear Circuits

Four binary logic jumblers. Panel by Papernoise.

LogicHardware cloneQuad

Nonlinear Circuits Double Neuron

Nonlinear Circuits

Two Neurons and Two Difference Rectifiers. Panel by Papernoise.

MixerNoiseUtilityRandomHardware cloneDual

Nonlinear Circuits Statues

Nonlinear Circuits

1->8 Signal switch using binary inputs. Panel by jk.

LogicHardware clone

Submarine VM-102


VM-102 2-Channel VU-Meter

UtilityVisualDualPolyphonicHardware clone

nozoïd Nozori_84_ADD


Additive synthesis : a sinusoidal oscillator with 6 different harmonics

Hardware cloneOscillator

Prok Modular Snare Drum

Prok Modular

Prok Drums Snare

DrumHardware clone

nozoïd Nozori_84_HARMONICS


Sinusoidal oscillator with 3 harmonics at variable relative frequency

Hardware cloneOscillator

nozoïd Nozori_84_WS


Stereo Wave Shaper

Hardware cloneDistortionEffectWaveshaper

Prok Modular Hi Hat

Prok Modular

Prok Drums Hi Hat

DrumHardware clone

nozoïd Nozori_84_SEQ_8


8 steps sequencer

Hardware cloneSequencer

Erica FusionDelay


Erica synth BBD delay

EffectDelayHardware clone

Instruō tàin


Switch Utility Module

Hardware cloneDigitalDualSwitchUtility

Vult Vraids (Freak alternate firmware)

Vult Compacts

Macro Oscillator

OscillatorHardware clone

Starling Via SYNC3

Starling Via

frequency synthesizer

OscillatorClock modulatorHardware clone

nozoïd Nozori_68_ADSR


Dual loopable ADSR with modulation speed and integrated VCA

Hardware cloneEnvelope generatorDualLow-frequency oscillator

Befaco Morphader


Multichannel CV/Audio crossfader

ControllerHardware cloneMixerPolyphonicQuad

nozoïd Nozori_84_THOMAS


Dual Thomas strange attractor for CV or audio noise source

Hardware cloneDigitalLow-frequency oscillatorOscillator

Kilpatrick Audio K4815 Pattern Generator

K4815 Pattern Generator

CV and MIDI Pattern Generator

Hardware cloneMIDISequencer

nozoïd Nozori_84_JONG_VCO


Peter de Jong chaotic attractor at audio frequency

Hardware cloneOscillator

Nonlinear Circuits Let's Splosh

Nonlinear Circuits

Four inputs run into lots of Difference Rectifiers for many output variations. Panel by Papernoise.

MixerNoiseUtilityRandomHardware cloneQuad

manikk MASH

manikk Free Modules

1 Attenuverter, 2 Attenuators and Buffered multiple

UtilityHardware clone

Grayscale Binary


Logic gate processor

LogicHardware clone

Instruō I-ō47


Multimode Resonator / Filter

Hardware cloneFilterOscillator

nozoïd Nozori_68_VCO_LOOP


Loop of Random Value at audio rate

Hardware cloneOscillatorRandom

nozoïd Nozori_84_PARAM


6 points parametric audio oscillator

Hardware cloneOscillator

Nonlinear Circuits Numberwang

Nonlinear Circuits

Four gates make sixteen. That's Numberwang! Panel by jk.

LogicHardware clone

Nonlinear Circuits 8-Bit Cipher

Nonlinear Circuits

Dual sequencer and clock divider. Panel by jk.

SequencerHardware cloneClock modulator

modular80 Radio Music


The Music Thing Modular Radio Music is a sampler pretending to be a radio

SamplerHardware clone

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