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Impromptu ChordKey

Keyboard-based chord generator


Bidoo ChUTE

Space/Strange trigger based on the free fall and bouncing an object. You can change the drop altitude between 1cm and 3m


computerscare Laundry Soup

Rhythm sequencer, pulse generator, text-based

SequencerClock modulatorRandomPolyphonic

cf ledSeq

5x16 triggers sequencer


Tonecarver Morse

Generate Morse Code gate sequence


Bogaudio PGMR

4-step programmer and sequencer


HetrickCV ASR

Analog shift register. Multi-stage sample and hold


Bidoo lATe

Clock Modulator, Takes a clock input and applies a delay on even ticks to create swing. Reset sets the next tick for the incoming clock to odd.

LogicSequencerClock modulator

dBiz Smorph


Sonus Dept. Micromacro

Pitch Quantized Sequencer


Count Modula Octet Trigger Sequencer

Binary octet based trigger sequencer


OrangeLine Mother

Mode aware probability driven quantizer


Voxglitch XY

CV output generator with built in gesture recording.

SequencerRecordingEnvelope generator

Entrian Player: Timeline

DAW-style timeline player for MIDI files and Entrian Sequencer songs.


Count Modula Sequencer Trigger Expander

8 step sequencer expander adding a an extra channel of gate/trigger output


Bidoo enCORE Expander

Expander for enCORE


Sha#Bang! Modules Stochastic Sequencer 4

Probabilistic sequencer with four independent voices


docB UnoA

Uno for address sequencing


Path Set Rainbow Grid

Path Set: Rainbows (6 modules)

Generate a panoply of sequences using a small grid of nine notes.


Entrian CV

Entrian Sequencers (4 modules)

Multi-segment multi-channel CV sequencer and graphical editor.


cf Number9

Number9 (2 modules)

sample based keyboard drum machine


Count Modula Event Arranger

A VCV Rack implementation of the VC Clock and Event Arranger published in an article by John Blacet in the Jan/Feb edition of Synapse magazine

Clock modulatorSequencer

Count Modula Binary Sequencer

Binary counter based sequencer

Clock generatorSequencer

Nonlinear Circuits 8-Bit Cipher

Dual sequencer and clock divider. Panel by jk.

SequencerHardware cloneClock modulator

Impromptu BigButtonSeq

6-channel, 64-step trigger sequencer


aridacity Clock Divider

16 step clock divider and sequencer

Clock modulatorSwitchSequencer

AlgoritmArte Planetz

The music produced by rotating planets


Holonic Systems Dumbwaiter

8 step sequencer and switch. One could see it as a A-155 / A-154 / A-152 merged into one module


RareBreeds Polygene

Polyphonic Rhythm Generator

Clock modulatorSequencerPolyphonic

Count Modula 4Bit Sequence Encoder

Binary addressed encoder for sequencer expanders


Autodafe TriggerSeq

16 x 8 Trigger Sequencer


Count Modula Sequencer CV Expander

8 step sequencer expander adding an extra channel of CV output


Path Set Crossing

Path Set: Rainbows (6 modules)

Create paths and circuits and loops in this field of notes.


Count Modula 16 Step Sequencer

16 Step Sequencer


AlgoritmArte Clockkky

A simple clock and gate sequencer

Clock generatorSequencer

Path Set QuantumCompass

Path Set: Infinity (4 modules)

Both/Neither Sequencer/Quantizer. Create a melodic sequence by selecting notes and letting QuantumCompass guide you.


Bogaudio ASX

8-step chainable expander for ADDR-SEQ


catronomix PreSetSeq

Preset scanner/sequencer for 8 parameters with 8 save slots

Sample and holdSequencer

Geodesics Ions

Atomic dual cv sequencer


docB P16

One hundred permutations of 16 steps


Fehler Fabrik Arpanet

1601 Sequencer


Valley Topograph

Topographic drum machine. This module is based on the original Mutable Instruments (TM) Grids sequencer module. The Map and Density controls explore and control the denisty of many pre-baked drum patterns.


Nonlinear Circuits 4Seq

Dual sequencer and clock divider. Panel by jk.

SequencerHardware cloneClock modulator

LifeFormModular SequenceModeler

Sequencer based on Fundamental SEQ3


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