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Fehler Fabrik Fax

CV Recording Sequencer


Fehler Fabrik Nova

Cut-up Sequenced Sampler


Impromptu Foundry

4-track, 32-step, 64-pattern sequencer


Valley uGraph

Topographic drum machine. This module is based on the original Mutable Instruments (TM) Grids sequencer module. The Map and Density controls explore and control the denisty of many pre-baked drum patterns.


cvly brst

Burst generator with up to 8 outputs

PolyphonicSample and holdSequencerSwitch

Daniel Davies Sequel 16

3 row / 16 step sequencer with built-in clock divider

Clock modulatorSequencer

ML Modules Evolution

Shift register based random sequencer

SequencerSample and holdPolyphonic

DHE Modules Curve Sequencer 16

Generates a 16 step sequence of curves

SequencerEnvelope generatorLow-frequency oscillator

AlgoritmArte Clockkky

A simple clock and gate sequencer

Clock generatorSequencer

Impromptu ProbKey

Keyboard-based random sequencer


Valley Topograph

Topographic drum machine. This module is based on the original Mutable Instruments (TM) Grids sequencer module. The Map and Density controls explore and control the denisty of many pre-baked drum patterns.


SV Modular CV Sequencer

CV Sequencer


OrangeLine Phrase

Utility to sequence phrases by sequencing a sequencer

SequencerUtilityClock modulator

HetrickCV Rungler

8-Bit Shift Register and Comparator with stepped signal output via bits 6, 7, and 8.


Holonic Systems Pantry

Dual CV/Gate Recorder/Looper


Sckitam MarkovSeq

Sequencer/Switch based on Markov chain


Path Set GlassPane

Patchable, branchable, network sequencer. Create a cascading intricate self modulating sequence.


Lomas Gate Sequencer

Gate sequencer with 4 patterns and up to 64 steps. Pattern length


computerscare Soly Pequencer

Sequentially step through the channels of a polyphonic signal.


GoodSheperd Stable16



Count Modula Euclidean Sequencer Expander

CV Expander for the Euclidean Sequencer


RCM SEQ Adapter

Nord style reset for syncing simple sequencers


SV Modular Sequencer

Drum Focused Step Sequencer


Count Modula Octet Trigger Sequencer

Binary octet based trigger sequencer


Count Modula 16 Step Sequencer Trigger Output Expander

Adds individual trigger outputs to the 16 Step Sequencer


Count Modula Dual 8 Step Sequencer

Fully featured dual channel 8 step sequencer


DHE Modules Curve Sequencer 4

Generates a 4 step sequence of curves

SequencerEnvelope generatorLow-frequency oscillator

Count Modula 8 x 8 Gate Sequencer

An 8 Channel 8 Step Gate/Trigger Sequencer


Voxglitch Digital Sequencer XP

Polyphonic version of the Digital Sequencer. Sixteen-in-one cv/gate sequencers with independent control over clock division and sequence length.


RareBreeds Eugene

Euclidean Rhythm Generator

Clock modulatorSequencer

computerscare Father and Son Patch Sequencer

Patch Sequencer - 10 in, 10 out patch matrix with 16 scenes


Count Modula Octet Trigger Sequencer CV Expander

Adds a CV channel to the Octet Trigger Sequencer


Geodesics Ions

Atomic dual cv sequencer


Impromptu Foundry expander

Expander for Foundry


Fehler Fabrik Monte

Probabalistic Clock Generator


Count Modula Clocked Random Gate CV Expander

Generates CV based on the state of the random gates


Count Modula Sequencer Trigger Expander

8 step sequencer expander adding a an extra channel of gate/trigger output


computerscare Laundry Soup

Rhythm sequencer, pulse generator, text-based

SequencerClock modulatorRandomPolyphonic

Geodesics Entropia

Thermodynamic microstate sequencer


Bogaudio ADDR-SEQ

Voltage-addressable 8-step sequencer


dBiz Bene


AlgoritmArte MusiMath

Music meets math, an arithmetic driven sequencer


Count Modula Nibble Trigger Sequencer

Binary nibble based trigger sequencer


Impromptu SMS16

Semi-modular monophonic synthesizer, with 16-step sequencer

Synth voiceSequencer

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