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Count Modula Basic 8 Step Sequencer

Basic single channel 8 step sequencer


docB TME

Triadex Muse emulator


Photuri Electronics Mo-Th

Moth Light Attraction Sequencer


Count Modula Octet Trigger Sequencer

Binary octet based trigger sequencer


Count Modula Burst Generator

Generates bursts of 1-16 pulses whenever a trigger is received at the trigger input

Clock modulatorSequencer

Count Modula Nibble Trigger Sequencer

Binary nibble based trigger sequencer


Count Modula 8 x 8 Gate Sequencer

An 8 Channel 8 Step Gate/Trigger Sequencer


docB HexSeqP2

A 100x16x64 Trigger Sequencer with probability


Geodesics Ions

Atomic dual cv sequencer


OrangeLine Morph

Morphing of given or random sequences with turing machine functionality


docB Klee

A Klee like sequencer


Impromptu WriteSeq32

3-channel, 32-step sequencer


AlgoritmArte CyclicCA

Cyclic Cellular Automata visualizer and sequencer


Count Modula 12 x 16 Gate Sequencer

A 12 Channel 16 Step Gate/Trigger Sequencer


docB P16B

Address CV generator


Count Modula Binary Sequencer

Binary counter based sequencer

Clock generatorSequencer

Impromptu GateSeq64

64-step, 32-pattern gate sequencer


Noise86 MarkovDrummer

Probablistic trigger sequencer based of Markov chains


Count Modula CV Stack

Sequential voltage storage stack with First In First Out or Last In First Out operation

SequencerSample and hold

Sckitam FIFOQueue

First-in First-out Queue

Sample and holdSequencer

docB N3

A trigger sequencer


Venom Benjolin Oscillator

Complex chaotic oscillator emulating the oscillator and rungler components of a Benjolin

Low-frequency oscillatorOscillatorRandomSequencer

Voxglitch Digital Sequencer

Six-in-one cv/gate sequencers with independent control over clock division and sequence length.


OrangeLine Morpheus

Morphing of given or random sequences with turing machine functionality and 16 Internal Memory Slots.


Count Modula 16 Step Sequencer Gate Output Expander

Adds individual gate outputs to the 16 Step Sequencer


Bastl Kompas

Kompas is a three-coordinate probabilistic pattern navigator.

Clock modulatorHardware cloneRandomSequencer

unless games tancor

swinging gate machine based around a parametric binary tree, inspired by the cantor set

SequencerClock generator

docB PMod

Address sequencing via multiply and modulo


Voxglitch Hazumi

Bouncing ball sequencer


Count Modula Clocked Random Gate CV Expander

Generates CV based on the state of the random gates


Count Modula 8 x 16 Gate Sequencer

An 8 Channel 16 Step Gate/Trigger Sequencer


Count Modula 16 Step Sequencer Channel Expander

Adds another channel to the 16 Step Sequencer


Count Modula 16 Step Sequencer

16 Step Sequencer


RareBreeds Eugene

Euclidean Rhythm Generator

Clock modulatorSequencer

cf trSeq

sequencer with per step inputs


Ohmer Modules BRK ("Break") expander for RKD

BRK ("Break") expander to setup RKD jumpers (inspired from 4ms BO hardware)

Clock modulatorSequencerExpander

nozoïd Nozori_84_SEQ_4

4 step sequencer with parameterizable step length

Hardware cloneSequencer

Valley uGraph

Topographic drum machine. This module is based on the original Mutable Instruments (TM) Grids sequencer module. The Map and Density controls explore and control the denisty of many pre-baked drum patterns.


PurrSoftware ModeScaleProgressions

Mode Scale Progressions


Count Modula Clocked Random Gates

Generates a set of 8 synchronised gates and triggers

Clock modulatorSequencer

docB Chords

Chord Sequencer


stoermelder 8FACEx2

Universal expander for sequencing up to sixteen presets of any module


cvly brst

Burst generator with up to 8 outputs

PolyphonicSample and holdSequencerSwitch

RCM Sync

Simplified Nord style reset for syncing simple sequencers


Biset Tree

Tree growth sequencer

SequencerVisualRandomPhysical modeling

stoermelder TRANSIT

Parameter-morpher and sequencer for up to 96 snapshots


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