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Kilpatrick Audio Multi Meter

Multi-channel and X/Y Meter


Grande NoteMT

Microtonal note utility.


SynthKit And

Logical Bitwise And


Grande Split8

8-channel polyphonic split.


Coffee Together

An 8 channel, 4 group sequencer, with triggered randomized movement.

UtilityClock modulatorLogicRandomSequencer

OrangeLine Phrase

Utility to sequence phrases by sequencing a sequencer

SequencerUtilityClock modulator

cf Variable

Sample & Hold


Kilpatrick Audio MIDI Output

MIDI Hardare Output from vMIDI Adapter


Sonus Dept. Multimulti

2x8 Multiples


Kilpatrick Audio MIDI Repeater

MIDI Repeat Processor vMIDI Support


Mockba Modular SMExpR

Split/Merge Mix Expander (right side, no crossfade)


cf Choke

hi hat style choker


Glue the Giant Bus Route

Three stereo sends and returns with optional sample delays


Kilpatrick Audio Quad Encoder

Quadraphonic 4-2-4 Matrix Encoder


AlliewayAudio Koan

AlliewayAudio Series I (3 modules)

Transforms audio or CVs from subtle warming to annihilation. Telecommunications signal compander (Variable MU-law Encoder/Decoder) with built-in noise, analog clipping, mixer, and thru-zero VCA. Try plugging your favorite filter or effect between encoder and decoder!

CompressorDistortionDigitalEffectLimiterMixerNoiseRing modulatorUtilityVoltage-controlled amplifierWaveshaper

Little Utils Button

Press a button to output a trigger, gate or flip-flop signal


Tiny Tricks Modulation Generator x8

Get up to 8 random value (S&H on internal noise) or LFO with random state (rate, waveform, scale, phase) generated on a trigger. Settings for variance and bias of random, whether to include S&H values and unipolar or bipolar.

Sample and holdUtilityLow-frequency oscillator

Kilpatrick Audio MIDI Merger

MIDI Merger and Filter with vMIDI Support


Glue the Giant Road

Merge stereo buses from mixers or mix groups


HetrickCV Mid/Side

Converts Left/Right signals to Mid/Side and vice versa.


Count Modula Voltage Controlled Polarizer

A dual voltage controlled polarizer


Coffee Fork

Provide two inputs and a probability/chance, will output one, when triggered.

UtilityLogicRandomSample and hold

AS BPM to delay/hz calculator

BPM to delay/hz calculator helper


ML Modules Constants

Output constant voltages corresponding to common intervals


Impromptu Hotkey

Triggers when mouse is over module and hotkey is pressed


HetrickCV XY<->Polar

Converts XY coordinates to Polar and vice versa.


Instruō [1]f

Fader Module (1f)

Hardware cloneAttenuatorMixerUtility

Count Modula Comparator

Compares the input signal with either an internal or external threshold value and outputs gate signals based on the outcome.


Tiny Tricks Sample and hold x16

Get 16 random values on trigger (sample and hold). Internal noise only.

Sample and holdUtilityRandom

Grande Peak

Captures polyphonic min/max peaks.


Voxglitch Digital Programmer

16 channel polyphonic programmer with built-in bank memory slots


Alikins Big Mute Button

A big mute button


Amalgamated Harmonics Fifths and Fourths

An implementation of the Circle of Fifths


cvly spc

Spreads the notes for incoming poly input, with a settable minimum interval distance


AS BPM to delay/ms calculator

BPM Delay/MS Calculator


Nonlinear Circuits Let's Splosh

Four inputs run into lots of Difference Rectifiers for many output variations. Panel by Papernoise.

MixerNoiseUtilityRandomHardware cloneQuad

Sickozell bToggler8Plus

8 buffered toggle switch router, plus warnings to use with led midi controllers


Count Modula Poly Gate Modifier

Polyphonic voltage controlled gate length modifier


TheModularMind OSCelot

OSC mapping module for parameters of any module


Bark Clamp

Feed signal, gained output won't go over voltages set. Can also attenuvert signals, Invert applied to input.


Count Modula Polyphonic VC Polarizer

A polyphonic voltage controlled polarizer


Vult Knobs (Free)

Modulation Mixer and Macro Control


ML Modules OctaFlop

8 Flip Flops, pre-wired as binary counter

UtilityClock modulator

dBiz BenePads


NYSTHI LabelSlim

Vertical Label Utility 1 unit


AS Signal Delay

Delay the incomming CV signal by set milliseconds


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