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Nonlinear Circuits Let's Splosh

Four inputs run into lots of Difference Rectifiers for many output variations. Panel by Papernoise.

MixerNoiseUtilityRandomHardware cloneQuad

Venom Mix Mute Expander

Add mutes to any of the Mix modules


Coffee Any

A simple AND/OR logic utility with 8 inputs, 1 output.


VCV Random Values

Generates 7 random fixed voltages


HetrickCV Min-Max

Outputs the greatest and least voltages from up to 4 inputs.


Submarine AO-106

AO-106 Arithmetic Operators


stoermelder POLY-PILE

Translate increment triggers or decrement triggers in an absolute voltage, especially useful with MIDI-STEP, with slew support


Coffee Some3

From a polyphonic input, when triggered, mute a number of the inputs, based on a probability


Sonus Dept. Paramath

Comparing and Maths


stoermelder 4ROUNDS

Randomizer for up to 16 input signals to create 15 output signals

UtilitySample and holdRandomSwitch

Sckitam 2DAffine

2D Affine transform of 2 input signals


RPJ LFMEmbedded

Psycho visualizer, shown in an embedded display. Based on ProjectM, this module uses MilkDrop/Winamp presets.


Sickozell switcherSt

Stereo 2>1 switch, 1>2 router, 2 signal swapper, mute, flip flop, toggle gate


EnigmaCurry Latch

Latches with discrete triggers and resets


cvly txt

Informative expander for all cvly modules


Chinenual Polyphonic signal sorter with linked sort

Sorts polyphonic signals, optionally linking the sort order to other signals


Submarine VM-102

VM-102 2-Channel VU-Meter

UtilityVisualDualPolyphonicHardware clone

alef's bits logic

perform logical operations on two inputs


Chinenual Harp

A reimagining of Iasos's GoldenHarp for VCV. A quantizer that generates gates as notes change.


Sonus Dept. Pusher

Buttons Controller


Nonlinear Circuits Neuron

3-input comparator and Difference Rectifier for creating unpredictable interactions. Panel by jk.

MixerNoiseUtilityRandomHardware cloneDual

Venom Auxilliary Clone Expander

Adds additional cloned poly input/output pairs to Clone Merge, Poly Merge, or Poly Unison


scanner darkly formation

mono to polyphonic voltage converter


AS Steps

3 channel 64 steps counter


Nonlinear Circuits Double Neuron

Two Neurons and Two Difference Rectifiers. Panel by Papernoise.

MixerNoiseUtilityRandomHardware cloneDual

Amalgamated Harmonics Fifths and Fourths

An implementation of the Circle of Fifths


Kilpatrick Audio Test Osc

Test Oscillator with Sweep


unless games towers

dual fader bank, constant CV source with polyphonic io and mods. up to 16 faders each


Coffee Juice

Select one of 16 sets of 8 fixed voltages, based on a CV input.


Voxglitch Digital Programmer

16 channel polyphonic programmer with built-in bank memory slots


cf Four

4 x solo/mute


OrangeLine Gator

Phased Based Microtiming, Ratcheting and Strumming

UtilityPolyphonicClock modulator

docB JTScaler

Tunes standard V/OCT pitches to Just Intonation Scales


Alikins Value Saver

Save last used value


Amalgamated Harmonics MuxDeMux

Multiplexer/Demultiplexer for polyphonic cables


AS Multi 2x5

2x5 Signal multiplier


XTRTN Mesohyl

Easy knobs with built-in S&H powers.

Sample and holdUtilityController

ML Modules Constants

Output constant voltages corresponding to common intervals


Grande NoteMT

Microtonal note utility.


Grande Peak

Captures polyphonic min/max peaks.


stocaudio Polydelay

Polyphonic Delay with channel spread


Glue the Giant Enter Mixer Bus

Three stereo inputs to three stereo buses


Venom Shaped VCA

Stereo VCA with a variable response curve, hard/soft clipping, ring modulation, and oversampling

AttenuatorPolyphonicRing modulatorUtilityVoltage-controlled amplifierWaveshaper

stoermelder MIDI-CAT

Mapping module for MIDI CCs and notes to parameters of any module, similar to VCV MIDI-MAP


DHE Modules Func

A knob with a selectable range to offset or scale its input signal


Ahornberg MIDI over Audio

complement to the MIDI over Audio VST


Venom Mix 4 Stereo

Stereo compact audio or CV mixer, attenuator, inverter, amplifier, and/or offset


Count Modula Comparator

Compares the input signal with either an internal or external threshold value and outputs gate signals based on the outcome.


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