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Threshold-controlled glitch loop generator


Loud Numbers Loud Numbers

Data sonification


Voxglitch Groove Box

8-track sample based groovebox with parameter locks


alef's bits noize

random noise generator with duration parameter and 0-10V cv input


Vult OpulusMicro

Accidental FM Operator

Synth voicePolyphonic

Vult Opulus

Retro FM Operator

Synth voicePolyphonic

RebelTech Phoreo

Trigger modulator, multiplier and repeater

Clock modulatorHardware clone

RebelTech Logoi

Voltage controlled clock divider, counter, and delay

Clock modulatorDelayHardware clone

RebelTech CLK

Triple clock generator that produces synchronised clock signals

Clock generatorClock modulatorHardware clone

RebelTech Klasmata

Voltage controlled Euclidean sequencer

Clock modulatorSequencerHardware clone

RebelTech Tonic

Additive Interval Sequencer

SequencerHardware clonePolyphonic

RebelTech Stoicheia

Dual Euclidean Sequencer

Clock modulatorDualHardware cloneSequencer

Stochastic Telegraph Fuse

Counts triggers and blocks/allows a signal after hitting a limit. Useful for timed composition changes, simulating components that break with overuse, or scaling a value based on the number of triggers.

Clock modulatorUtilityVoltage-controlled amplifier

moDllz Xpand

Voice & Outputs expander for MIDIpolyMPE


PinkTrombone PinkTrombone

Voice Simulation

Physical modeling

moDllz Kn8b

Polyphonic Attenuator / Inverter / VCA

UtilityPolyphonicAttenuatorVoltage-controlled amplifier

moDllz PolyGlider

Polyphonic Slew limiter ~ Portamento ~ Glide

PolyphonicSlew limiterEnvelope follower

alef's bits polyrand

output a random channel of a poly input with a trigger


alef's bits simplex vco

a voltage-controlled oscillator based on simplex noise


alef's bits blank 6hp

a simple blank


alef's bits simplex & hold

sample & hold module using internal simplex noise source

Sample and holdPolyphonicRandom

OrangeLine Morph

Morphing of given or random sequences with turing machine functionality


docB FormulaOneEdit

Expander for editing scripts


docB Formula One

A fast script evaluator


Count Modula Random Access Switch 8-1

Random access switch 8 inputs to 1 output


Count Modula Random Access Switch 1-8

Random access switch 1 input to 8 output


Count Modula Nibble Trigger Sequencer

Binary nibble based trigger sequencer


Stochastic Telegraph Drifter

Varying linear function generator. Makes sequences that change in small (or large) ways. A line defined by X/Y points, each doing a random walk.

RandomSample and hold

Bidoo vOId

The ultimate mastering tool for Rack. Once plugged in your Rack, you gonna sound FAAAAT. Picture is taken from a very good LP TERA MELOS.


Path Set GlassPane

Patchable, branchable, network sequencer. Create a cascading intricate self modulating sequence.


OrangeLine Resc

Utility to harmonicaly rescales pitch from one scale to another scale


Impromptu Variations

Sample and hold a CV with addition of a random noise value

Sample and holdRandomNoisePolyphonic

Impromptu Sygen

Synchronous gate enable


Divergent Waves Logic

Fixed-function Logic Processor

LogicHardware cloneHardware clone

Grande Push

Polyphonic push-button switches.


Grande LFO4

Four ratioed bipolar sine LFOs with common primary frequency input.

Low-frequency oscillatorPolyphonic


Serge Programmer expander


NYSTHI Simpliciter Multi

the Simpliciter MultiTrack version, from 1 to 16 tracks


NYSTHI LabelSlim

Vertical Label Utility 1 unit



Vertical Label Utility


NYSTHI SlimDualFixedVoltageSource

Dual Fixed Voltage Source with GATE


NYSTHI SlimFixedVoltageSource

Single Fixed Voltage Source with GATE


NYSTHI PolySevenSeas2

Polyphonic Wavetable VCO, with bidimensional navigator


Daniel Davies Blank5

5HP wide blank panel


Daniel Davies Blank3

3HP wide blank panel


Daniel Davies Samuel

Morse code based rhythm generator

Clock modulator

Daniel Davies Quantify

3x Quantizer with attenuverted inputs + nudge and transpose controls


cvly vbrt

Multiple pitch voltage detuner with incorporated per-channel LFO

MultipleLow-frequency oscillatorPolyphonic

cvly brst

Burst generator with up to 8 outputs

PolyphonicSample and holdSequencerSwitch

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