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Voxglitch Hazumi

Bouncing ball sequencer


Slime Child Audio Blank (7HP)

Decorative Panel (7HP)


Slime Child Audio Blank (4HP)

Decorative Panel (4HP)


Slime Child Audio Clock

Multi-Rate Clock Generator

Clock generator

Slime Child Audio Sub-Oscillator

Subharmonic Physically-modelled Self-Modulating Oscillator

OscillatorPhysical modeling

Slime Child Audio VCA

Linear Voltage-Controlled Amplifier

Voltage-controlled amplifierPolyphonic

Slime Child Audio Polyrhythm Sequencer

Three-track Polyrhythm Sequencer

SequencerClock modulator

Slime Child Audio Quantizer

Variable-Intonation Transposing Quantizer


Slime Child Audio Saturating Mixer

Chainable Non-linear Mixer

MixerDistortionPhysical modeling

Slime Child Audio LP4 Filter

Physically-modelled 24dB per Octave Ladder Lowpass

FilterPhysical modelingPolyphonic

Slime Child Audio Envelopes

Dual Semi-Interruptable Attack-Decay Envelope Generators

Envelope generatorDual

Frozen Wasteland MIDI Recorder

MIDI Gate Recorder


8Mode softSN Machine

OscillatorSynth voice

AlgoritmArte HoldMeTight

Triple sample and hold with an integrated quantizer

Sample and holdQuantizer

Voxglitch Byte Beat

Module that will get converted to something more interesting.


Frozen Wasteland Megalomanic Compression

Fun Multi-Band Compressor


Comfortzone Kickbaba

Psy Kick Bass


AlgoritmArte Zefiro

A full synthesizer inspired by the iconic Buchla Music Easel

Synth voice

RareBreeds Eugene

Euclidean Rhythm Generator

Clock modulatorSequencer

Vult Feigen

Bifurcations Generator


Kilpatrick Audio K4815P Programmer

Pattern Generator Programmer


Kilpatrick Audio K4815E Expander

Pattern Generator Expander


Kilpatrick Audio K4815 Pattern Generator

CV and MIDI Pattern Generator

Hardware cloneMIDISequencer

Stalys Blank

Blank panel


Instruō saïch

Quad Oscillator

Hardware cloneOscillatorQuad

Instruō lìon

Matrix Mixer

Hardware cloneMixerUtility

Instruō tàin

Switch Utility Module

Hardware cloneDigitalDualSwitchUtility

Instruō tágh

Sample and Hold

Hardware cloneNoiseRandomSample and hold

Instruō [2]f

Dual Fader Module

Hardware cloneDualUtility

Instruō athrú


Hardware cloneDistortionEffectWaveshaper

Instruō I-ō47

Multimode Resonator / Filter

Hardware cloneFilterOscillator

Instruō Cš-L

Complex Oscillator

Hardware cloneDualLow-frequency oscillatorOscillatorRing modulatorWaveshaper

Instruō Tš-L


Hardware cloneLow-frequency oscillatorOscillator

Instruō tanh[3]

Waveshaper / Limiter

Hardware cloneDynamicsDistortionLimiterMultipleWaveshaper

Instruō vincâ

Dual VCA

Hardware cloneDualVoltage-controlled amplifierAttenuator

Instruō cèis


Hardware cloneEnvelope generatorDynamics

Instruō tòna


Hardware cloneOscillator

Instruō harmonàig

Diatonic Harmonic Quantiser

Hardware cloneControllerQuadQuantizer

Instruō tràigh

Discrete Transistor Ladder Lowpass Filter

Hardware cloneFilterMixerOscillator

Instruō troika

Triple Oscillator

Hardware cloneMultipleOscillator

AlgoritmArte MusiFrog

A musical frog jumping around an harmonic lake


Stoev Symmetry

Dual quantizer / scale arpeggiator


Agave AgaveBlank


Agave Agave VCF

VCF modelled after the Korg MS-20

FilterPhysical modelingEffect

Agave Agave Metallic

Noise generator for cymbals


Agave Agave Fxld

Buchla-style wavefolder


Agave Agave Lowpass Filter Bank

Bank of RC lowpass filters


AlgoritmArte Planetz

The music produced by rotating planets


Grande MergeSplit4

4-channel polyphonic merge and split.


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