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Glue the Giant Bus Depot

Master fader, vu meters, or mix output for three stereo buses


Aria Salvatrice Signature Series Smerge

16 channels polyphonic merge with optional linkable sort mode


SV Modular State

Synthetic FX State Variable Filter


OrangeLine Gator

Phased Based Microtiming, Ratcheting and Strumming

UtilityPolyphonicClock modulator

Bogaudio MX44CVM

CV and mutes expander for MATRIX44


Bogaudio PAN

Dual stereo panner


Sonus Dept. Envels

ADSR Envelope

Envelope generatorPolyphonic

Amalgamated Harmonics PolyProbe

Display polyphonic cable voltages


Vult Knobs

Modulation Mixer and Macro Control


Hora Detour

Vector Phaseshaping Synthesis

OscillatorPolyphonicSynth voice

ML Modules OctaTrig

Gate tp Trigger converter

Clock modulatorPolyphonic

Frank Buss Formula

Formula for CV and audio


Vult Lateralus (Free)

Diode Ladder Filter


Bogaudio AM/RM

Variable ring/amplitude modulator and rectifier

Ring modulatorEffectPolyphonic

Bogaudio LLPG

Low-pass gate

Low-pass gatePolyphonic

SV Modular Tuffet

Synthetic FX Tuffet


Surge for Rack SurgeRingMod

The Surge ring modulator effect

EffectPolyphonicRing modulator

Aria Salvatrice Signature Series Aleister

Today's fortune ★

RandomClock generatorPolyphonicQuantizerSequencerExpander

Fehler Fabrik Sigma

Fixed voltage adder


Vult Rescomb

Resonant Comb Filter


RareBreeds Polygene

Polyphonic Rhythm Generator

Clock modulatorSequencerPolyphonic

ML Modules Trigger Buffer

A trigger can be buffered, so that the next incoming clock will create an pulse.


Vult Boomstick

Sallen-Key filter


Surge for Rack SurgeReverb

The Surge reverb


trowaSoft cvOSCcv

Generic Open Sound Control (OSC) module for outputting Rack CVs to OSC and reading in simple OSC messages into Rack CVs.


Mockba Modular Mixah

Simple two signal mixer with VCA

MixerVoltage-controlled amplifierPolyphonic

Bark Polyphonic Mixer

One Cable(s), 4x4 channel Mixer with send/return. Constant power pan law Aux pre solo/master post fader


Aria Salvatrice Quatherina's Quack

Quatherina the Quantum Duck's smaller quantizer


Bacon Music Glissinator

Do a constant time gliss over a changing input signal

Slew limiterPolyphonic

Bark Poly X

Merge to polyphonic with mute buttons. When no input channels are connected the mute buttons send 1v or 0v, for use with Level/Pan inputs on Poly Mix.



Additive oscillator


wiqid dual attenuverter

2hp polyphonic dual attenuverter with offset

AttenuatorDualPolyphonicVoltage-controlled amplifier

Grande Scale

Additional scales for Quant.


ML Modules Arpeggiator

multi-channel arpeggiator


NYSTHI MicrotonalHostHelper

Helper to bring microtonality to VST Host


SV Modular Comb

Synthetic FX Comb Filter


Ahornberg Fun with Frames

utility to enhance Regen Modular Frames


Bogaudio 4FO

Quadrature LFO

Low-frequency oscillatorRandomPolyphonic

Sha#Bang! Modules Orbitones

Physics-based LFO with four independent attractors

VisualLow-frequency oscillatorPolyphonic

Bacon Music QuantEyes

Quantize your signals to notes on a 12 tone scale


Count Modula Polyphonic Manual CV Generator

A basic manual CV generator with a range of output voltages


VCV Sequential Switch 1

Routes an input to one of to 4 outputs


Bogaudio DETUNE

Pitch CV processor for detuning oscillator pairs


Bogaudio EDGE

Edge detector, gate-to-trigger, comparator


ML Modules Sum8

simple summer


Geodesics Energy

Relativistic oscillator

OscillatorSynth voicePolyphonicDigitalLow-frequency oscillator

KautenjaDSP Mega Tone

An emulation of the Texas Instruments SN76489 chip from the Sega Master System, Sega Mega Drive, and Sega Genesis.


Befaco EvenVCO

Oscillator including even-harmonic waveform

OscillatorHardware clonePolyphonic

ZZC Polygate

Polyphonic Gate Bank


STS LFOPolySnapPhase

Poly LFO 16 with Snap Phase

Low-frequency oscillatorPolyphonic

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