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Dintree V100 Scanner

CV and voltage-control source sequencer / scanner


docB RndH

Polyphonic Random Hold


docB Hopa

Hopalong Attractor


Axioma TheBifurcator

Generate CV/GATE/TRIGGER outputs based on bifurcation maps of iterated functions


Grayscale Permutation (12hp)

Random sequencer based on the Turing Machine

SequencerRandomHardware clone

Amalgamated Harmonics Generative

A toolkit of functions intended to support generative music creation

NoiseSample and holdLow-frequency oscillatorRandomClock generator

HetrickCV Rungler

8-Bit Shift Register and Comparator with stepped signal output via bits 6, 7, and 8.


AlgoritmArte Planetz

The music produced by rotating planets


computerscare Debug

Debugger, poly sample & hold, poly volt meter

PolyphonicUtilityRandomSample and hold

Digital Apothecary Linden

A module containing some unconventional analog and digital circuits.


HetrickCV Gingerbread Chaos

Self-modulating audio and modulation chaos generator.


docB RTrig

Random Deviation Trigger


HetrickCV Chaotic Attractors

Multimode audio and modulation chaos generator.


stoermelder HIVE

4 channel sequencer running on a 2-dimensional hexagonal grid


wiqid lorenz

2hp lorenz strange attractor chaotic lfo

Low-frequency oscillatorRandom

Squinky Labs Gray Code

Eclectic clock divider

Clock modulatorRandomLogic

VCV Random

Random CV generator

RandomSample and hold

Impromptu Variations

Sample and hold a CV with addition of a random noise value

Sample and holdRandomNoisePolyphonic

Questionable Modules Nandomizer

Randomly switches inputs


forsitan modulare alea

Add a random module to your rack.


OrangeLine Morpheus

Morphing of given or random sequences with turing machine functionality and 16 Internal Memory Slots.


docB Swen

A Chaos Module


wiqid sprott-linz f

2hp sprott-linz f strange attractor chaotic lfo

Low-frequency oscillatorRandom


Clock distribution randomizer. Generates a random like sequence of length 64 and depending on the left-most displayed letter outputs a trigger when the clock is high or low.

Clock modulatorPolyphonicRandomSwitch

Bogaudio LLFO

Low frequency oscillator

Low-frequency oscillatorRandomPolyphonic

stocaudio Polyturing

Turing Machine inspired polyphonic sampler/sequencer


OrangeLine Dejavu

Random Cv and Trigger generator with nested repeat functionality


Tiny Tricks Simplex Noise LFO x8

8x Low-frequency oscillators based on simplex noise.

Low-frequency oscillatorRandom

OME Damonitu

Generates arpeggios/melodies/(your noun here) based on euclidean rhythmic patterns and randomizable, or fixed, melodic patterns.


Audible Instruments Random Sampler

Based on Mutable Instruments Marbles

RandomHardware clone

mscHack Lorenz

Lorenz Attractor


JP Three Track

Program 3-voice melodies or chords.


rchoices uchoice

randomly select from inputs


wiqid languor

chaotic low-frequency oscillator using strange attractors

Low-frequency oscillatorMultipleRandom

HetrickCV Probability

Sends one gate to two places randomly.



A Random Value Cube


iggy.labs more-ideas

Elementary cellular automata sequencer (modeled after less concepts for norns)


alef's bits slips

generate random melodies, with optional random offsets each cycle, quantized to a scale


HetrickCV 1-Op Chaos

Multimode audio and modulation chaos generator.


repelzen re-burst

burst generator

Clock modulatorRandom

Coffee Some

From a group of active inputs, when triggered, mute a number of the inputs, based on a probability


docB RndC

Polyphonic RandomLFO with cubic interpolation


noobhour Bsl1r

A single-channel Baseliner.


alef's bits simplex & hold

sample & hold module using internal simplex noise source

Sample and holdPolyphonicRandom

Path Set +Pane

Bi-directional, chainable, expander for GlassPane.


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