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Sparkette's Stuff Polyphonic Repeater

Converts a monophonic signal to a polyphonic signal where all channels have the same value. Outputs up to four copies of the polyphonic signal, because I had room for extra ports so why not?


Sparkette's Stuff Polyphonic Selector

Selects one output (or more) from a polyphonic input based on the voltage from another input.


Sparkette's Stuff Voltage Range

Generates a smooth range of values between and including two specified voltages on a polyphonic output.


Squinktronix Harmony

Harmony Generator


stocaudio Polydelay

Polyphonic Delay with channel spread


stocaudio Polyturing

Turing Machine inspired polyphonic sampler/sequencer


stocaudio Spread

Polyphonic stereo spreader and summer

Voltage-controlled amplifierUtilityPolyphonic

Stochastic Telegraph BASICally

Generate sequences, perform math on inputs, and even multitask with a simple BASIC-like language. Can also send Tipsy text messages to modules that support them (e.g., TTY).

AttenuatorFunction generatorSequencerSample and holdUtility

Stochastic Telegraph Fermata

Write much longer text notes, and various sizes of labels. Fermata is resizable, scrolls, has font and color choices, and more.


Stochastic Telegraph Fuse

Counts triggers and blocks/allows a signal after hitting a limit. Useful for timed composition changes, simulating components that break with overuse, or scaling a value based on the number of triggers.

Clock modulatorUtilityVoltage-controlled amplifier

Stochastic Telegraph TTY

Logs values from cables and/or text messages from Tipsy text sources (e.g., BASICally). Makes monitoring of values or logging far easier. TTY is resizable, scrolls, has font and color choices, and more.


Studio Six Plus One Duffy

Transposes incoming voct, the amount increased by a set number of semitones, can be used to traverse the circle of fifths


Studio Six Plus One LalaStereo

Stereo two way crossover


Studio Six Plus One PatchNotes

Slimline text area for making patch notes


Studio Six Plus One Thru

Thru module with assignable labels


Submarine AO-101

AO-101 Arithmetic Operators


Submarine AO-106

AO-106 Arithmetic Operators


Submarine AO-112

AO-112 Arithmetic Operators


Submarine AO-118

AO-118 Arithmetic Operators


Submarine AO-124

AO-124 Arithmetic Operators


Submarine AO-136

AO-136 Arithmetic Operators


Submarine LT-116

LT-116 Linear Transformations


Submarine SS-112

SS-112 12 Input Sinks


Submarine SS-208

SS-208 8 Irrational Output Voltage Sources


Submarine SS-212

SS-212 12 Chromatic Output Voltage Sources


Submarine SS-220

SS-220 120 Chromatic Output Voltage Sources


Submarine SS-221

SS-221 21 Output Voltage Sources


Submarine VM-102

VM-102 2-Channel VU-Meter

UtilityVisualDualPolyphonicHardware clone

Submarine VM-104

VM-104 4-Channel VU-Meter

UtilityVisualQuadPolyphonicHardware clone

Submarine VM-201

VM-201 Vintage VU-Meter

UtilityVisualHardware clonePolyphonic

Submarine VM-202

VM-202 2-Channel Vintage VU-Meter

UtilityVisualDualPolyphonicHardware clone

Submarine VM-204

VM-204 4-Channel Vintage VU-Meter

UtilityVisualQuadPolyphonicHardware clone

Submarine WM-101

WM-101 Wire Manager


Submarine WM-102

WM-102 Wire Manager Billboard


Surge XT ModMatrix

The Surge XT ModMatrix


Surge XT UnisonHelper

The Surge XT Unison features for your favorite Poly VCO


Surge XT UnisonHelper CV Expander

Expander for the Unison Helper which allows you to co-route CV


SynthKit And

Logical Bitwise And


SynthKit Or

Logical Bitwise Or


T Append

Append up to 16 mono or polyphonic signals together into a single list, and output a CV controlled (length, start point) subset of that list as a polyphonic signal.


T Calendar

A variety of LFO-like CVs, Triggers, and Gates related to time and date.

UtilityLow-frequency oscillator

T Ouroboros

Sequentially step through the channels of a polyphonic input.


T Shuffle

Randomly re-order the channels of a polyphonic signal. CV controls for seed and number of output channels.


T Stats

Perform statistical functions on a polyphonic cable.


Tiny Tricks Arithmetic

A bunch of arithmetic tricks on two inputs.


Tiny Tricks Attenuator x8

8x attenuators with same level.


Tiny Tricks Logic

A bunch of logic tricks on two inputs.


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