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Valley Terrorform

An extensive wavetable oscillator that lets you explore and rip apart wavetables in many different ways.

OscillatorPolyphonicSynth voiceWaveshaperLow-frequency oscillator

Squinky Labs Basic VCO

Precision VCO


Frequency Domain Ball of Confusion

Spherical Morphing Wavetable Oscillator


chowdsp ChowModal

Single resonant mode


KautenjaDSP Pallet Town Waves System

An emulation of the Nintendo Gameboy Sound System chip.


KautenjaDSP Pot Keys

An emulation of the Atari POKEY chip.


KautenjaDSP Mega Tone

An emulation of the Texas Instruments SN76489 chip from the Sega Master System, Sega Mega Drive, and Sega Genesis.


Squinky Labs Substitute

Subharmonic VCO


Atelier Palette

Based on Mutable Instruments Plaits

OscillatorHardware clonePolyphonic

KautenjaDSP Pulses

An emulation of the Sunsoft FME-7 chip from Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) cartridges.


KautenjaDSP Name Corp Octal Wave Generator

An emulation of the Namco 163 wavetable chip from Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) cartridges.


KautenjaDSP Step Saw

An emulation of the Konami VRC6 chip from Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) cartridges.


KautenjaDSP Infinite Stairs

An emulation of the Ricoh 2A03 chip from the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES).


iggy.labs table

Wavetable oscillator for user-imported wavetables


Prok Modular Win Win Situation

Prok Modular (16 modules)

Pair of Oscillators with frequency and amplitude envelopes designed for drum synthesis

DrumOscillatorSynth voice

Prok Modular Skin In The Game

Prok Modular (16 modules)

Single oscillator with frequency and amplitude envelopes designed for drum synthesis

DrumOscillatorSynth voice

Oxidlab Entferner Plate L

Plate (left side)


NANO Modules ONA

Analog Multifunction Oscillator

OscillatorLow-frequency oscillatorHardware clone


FM Operator dx7 style, Sinusoid VCO

OscillatorLow-frequency oscillatorPolyphonicUtility

Sckitam WaveguideDelay

High precision delay. Building block for waveguide, Karplus-Strong synthesis, Flanger and Chorus

DelayOscillatorPhysical modelingFlangerChorus

Hora Detour Free

Vector Phaseshaping Synthesis

OscillatorSynth voice

Nocturnal Encoder NE-2 Encoder

Dual Amplitude Modulation Encoder

OscillatorVoltage-controlled amplifierDual

LifeFormModular ComplexOsc

Complex Oscillator made with 2 phase modulatable sines plus a clipper


Starling Via OSC3

musical oscillator trio

OscillatorHardware clone

kocmoc OP

Phase-modulation operator


kocmoc PHASR

Phasor oscillator



Massive Sounding Liquid Filter

FilterOscillatorHardware clone

21kHz PalmLoop

CPU friendly voltage controlled oscillator with polyBLEP/BLAMP anti-aliasing


21kHz TachyonEntangler

Anti-aliased chaotic sync voltage controlled oscillator


Mockba Modular Proton


Virtual analog 3-oscillator polysynth

PolyphonicOscillatorSynth voice

Mockba Modular Model X

Model X

Virtual analog 3-oscillator hybrid polysynth

PolyphonicOscillatorSynth voice

Sckitam PolygonalVCO

Polygonal VCO


Submarine SN-101

SN-101 Smooth Noise Generator


Mockba Modular Model V

Model V

Virtual analog 3-oscillator polysynth

PolyphonicOscillatorSynth voice

Bogaudio LVCO



Bogaudio SINE

Sine oscillator with phase offset


Bogaudio PULSE

Square/pulse oscillator


Regen Modular Cyclex VCO

Regen Modular (10 modules)

Oscillator that generates waveforms using looped simplex noise.


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