385 modules found

Ahornberg Fun with Frames

utility to enhance Regen Modular Frames


Submarine VM-202

VM-202 2-Channel Vintage VU-Meter

UtilityVisualDualPolyphonicHardware clone

Submarine VM-201

VM-201 Vintage VU-Meter

UtilityVisualHardware clone

Submarine VM-102

VM-102 2-Channel VU-Meter

UtilityVisualDualPolyphonicHardware clone

Submarine VM-101

VM-101 VU-Meter

UtilityVisualHardware clone

Stalys 8 Abs

8 Absolute value operators


Stalys 8 Not

8 Not operators


Stalys 8 Diff

8 difference calculators


Stalys 8 Sum

8 three to one unity mixers


Stalys 8 Multiplier

8 four-quadrant multipliers / ring modulators

AttenuatorRing modulatorUtilityVoltage-controlled amplifier

Stalys 8 Comparator

8x Comparator

UtilityClock generatorLogic

Stalys VC Dual Neuron

Voltage-controlled dual neuron module

DualLogicMixerNoiseRandomRing modulatorSample and holdUtilityVoltage-controlled amplifierWaveshaper

DHE Modules Buttons

8 buttons with overrides


Grande Microtonal Notes

Microtonal octal note generator.


Grande Microtonal Chords

Microtonal quad chord generator.


stoermelder MB

Experimental replacement module browsers for Rack. Brings back the browser from Rack v0.6x and has a modified browser from Rack v1.x with adjustable preview size, favorites, extended filtering options and more.


stoermelder MIDI-MON

Monitor for MIDI messages


stoermelder MACRO

Macro-knob for controlling multiple parameters, with attenuverts and slew-limiting


JW-Modules Add5


ZetaCarinae GuildensTurn

4 state Markovian Router


ZetaCarinae Rosenchance

2 State, 2 Emission Hidden Markov Model


Aria Salvatrice Signature Series Psychopump

8 triggered channels of CV presets and S&H with randomization. Pairs great with percussive sound sources to send your beats straight to Hades.

ControllerPolyphonicSample and holdUtility

Fehler Fabrik Sigma

Fixed voltage adder


Sha#Bang! Modules Random Gate Switch

Randomly routes one of 4 inputs to the output


Nonlinear Circuits Neuron

3-input comparator and Difference Rectifier for creating unpredictable interactions. Panel by Jürgen Krehan.

MixerNoiseUtilityRandomHardware cloneDual

Nonlinear Circuits GENiE

Three Neurons tangled together in a feedback network of chaos. Panel by Jürgen Krehan.

MixerNoiseUtilityRandomHardware clone

chowdsp Credit

Creates a text file that credits all the modules used in your patch


ZetaCarinae OrnsteinUhlenbeck

Ornstein-Uhlenbeck stochastic process


ZetaCarinae BrownianBridge

Brownian bridge from one value to another


Nonlinear Circuits Let's Splosh

Four inputs run into lots of Difference Rectifiers for many output variations. Panel by Papernoise.

MixerNoiseUtilityRandomHardware cloneQuad

Rackwindows Monitoring

Mix checker


Rackwindows Golem

Micro-delayable crossfader


Rackwindows Console MM

Stereo summing mixer to work in conjunction with MindMeld's MixMaster


Grande Scale

Additional scales for Quant.


Grande NoteMT

Microtonal note utility.


stoermelder X4

Dual multiple for parameter-mapping


stoermelder +T

Expander for TRANSIT


stoermelder TRANSIT

Parameter-morpher and sequencer for up to 96 snapshots


stoermelder SPIN

Utility for converting mouse-wheel movement into triggers, also handles mouse-click of mouse, useful for SAIL


stoermelder MEM for MIDI-CAT

Memory-expander for MIDI-CAT


Aria Salvatrice Signature Series Rotatoes

4 tiny knobs for automation or manual performance of CV parameters. Right-click options to offset and invert output. Support for Poly External Scales from Quatherina's Quantizer.


Aria Salvatrice Signature Series Grabby

A lil fader for automation or manual performance of CV parameters. Right-click options to offset and invert output. Support for Poly External Scales from Quatherina's Quantizer.


Aria Salvatrice Signature Series Pokies

4 tiny buttons for automation or manual performance of CV parameters. Right-click options to change output values, and use in latch mode.


JW-Modules Pres1t

Voltage Storage


Aria Salvatrice Quatherina's Quale

Convert chords to scales and scales to chords, using Poly External Scale representation


Dintree V104 Four Vs

Four Channel Voltage Source

ControllerHardware cloneQuadUtility

Dintree V102 Output Mixer

Four Input Mixer with Pan Pots and Output Level Meter

MixerPanningQuadUtilityHardware clone

Count Modula Cable Palette

Cable colour picker


Modular Fungi Opsylloscope

Scope for when the lights are off


Dintree V100 Scanner

CV and voltage-control source sequencer / scanner


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