3,070 modules found

Ohmer Modules KlokSpid MkII

16HP CPU-based programmable clocked modulation source

Clock generatorClock modulatorLow-frequency oscillatorEnvelope generator

Count Modula Blank Panel - 24HP

24HP blank panel


Bidoo ziNC



computerscare Roly Pouter

Polyphonic router


Submarine SS-220

SS-220 120 Chromatic Output Voltage Sources


Bogaudio VISH

Vactrol-ish envelope generator

Envelope generatorSlew limiterPolyphonic

Submarine NG-112

NG-112 NOT Gates


Impromptu WriteSeq32

3-channel, 32-step sequencer


Vult Bypass (Free)

Stereo Channel Effect Bypass


Submarine TD-510

TD-510 Vertical Text Display


stoermelder BOLT

Polyphonic logic boolean functions with modulation and sample & hold

UtilityLogicPolyphonicSample and hold

ML Modules OctaSwitch

8 fold switch with CV controllable switching point



Triple sequencer. Nice but complex to operate. Try the online help.

Clock generatorSequencer

Studio Six Plus One Bose

Multi output random voltage generator, sample and hold with no input, steady or analog style drooping outputs

PolyphonicSample and holdNoiseRandom

VCV Chords

VCV Chords

Quad-note chord generator


Bogaudio AM/RM

Variable ring/amplitude modulator and rectifier

Ring modulatorEffectPolyphonic

Audible Instruments Utilities

Based on Mutable Instruments Kinks

UtilitySample and holdNoiseHardware clone

Prok Modular Skin In The Game

Prok Modular

Single oscillator with frequency and amplitude envelopes designed for drum synthesis

DrumOscillatorSynth voice

NYSTHI FixedVoltageSource

Fixed Voltage Source with GATE and SUM


Bogaudio FOLLOW

Envelope follower

Envelope followerPolyphonic

21kHz PalmLoop

CPU friendly voltage controlled oscillator with polyBLEP/BLAMP anti-aliasing


Audible Instruments Quad VC-polarizer

Based on Mutable Instruments Blinds

MixerAttenuatorHardware clone

Ohmer Modules Blank 4 HP

4 HP blank panel


alef's bits turnt

generate triggers when a CV signal changes direction, crosses zero, or both


Bogaudio ADSR

ADSR envelope generator

Envelope generatorPolyphonic

Daniel Davies Quantify

3x Quantizer with attenuverted inputs + nudge and transpose controls


Lomas Gate Sequencer

Gate sequencer with 4 patterns and up to 64 steps. Pattern length


stoermelder INTERMIX-FADE

Expander for INTERMIX for setting individual fade values


RPJ Essence

Essence is a 2nd Order Parametric EQ Filter with a constant Q.


unless games pre-muter

mute signals for 1 second on Rack launch to avoid noise bursts


Vult HyperPower

Vult Modules

Infinite Power Supply


SynthKit 1x8 Splitter (CV)

CV Controlled 1x8 Splitter

Clock modulatorLogic

Tiny Tricks Random Wrangler

Random generation that you control.

RandomNoiseLow-frequency oscillatorSample and hold


Warren Burt noise s&h lfo Aardvark IV RVG cell, clockable, cvable, syncable

NoiseUtilityClock generatorSample and holdLow-frequency oscillator

Grayscale Algorhythm

8-channel polyrhythmic trigger sequencer

SequencerHardware clone

trowaSoft trigSeq

16-step pad sequencer with a built-in Open Sound Control (OSC) interface.


Count Modula Polyphonic Bernoulli Gate

Randomized routing of polyphonic gate signals

RandomLogicClock modulatorPolyphonic

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