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Hora Spectral Processor

Processors (6 modules)

Spectral processor inspired by bucchla 296e


Submarine EN-104

EN-104 Quad ADSR Enveloper Generator

Envelope generatorVoltage-controlled amplifierMultiple

Bacon Music PolyGenerator

Generate test polyphonic midi-like sequences


Count Modula Super Arpeggiator

Arpeggiator with user definable patterns


Impromptu Hotkey

Triggers when mouse is over module and hotkey is pressed


HetrickCV Waveshaper

Modulatable hyperbolic waveshaper


LifeFormModular PercussiveVibration

Synth voice based on 21Khz PalmLoop and Befaco Rampage mainly for drums

Synth voiceDrum

Axioma TheBifurcator

Generate CV/GATE/TRIGGER outputs based on bifurcation maps of iterated functions


VCV Compare

Compares two voltages


Count Modula Hyper Maniacal LFO Output Expander

Individual Outputs for the Hyper Maniacal LFO

Low-frequency oscillatorExpander

fruitsofkarma PowVCO

Generates signal using x=y^n

OscillatorEnvelope generatorPolyphonic

HetrickCV Rotator

Eight-way channel rotation.


Count Modula Matrix Combiner

Gate combiner/switched multiple


Submarine AO-101

AO-101 Arithmetic Operators


Autodafe Keyboard

A handy Keyboard with CV/Gate outputs


Photuri Electronics Cricketter

Cricket Sound Oscillator


Hora Detour Free

Vector Phaseshaping Synthesis

OscillatorSynth voice

EnigmaCurry Transport

A DAW-like transport for play/stop/record


Kilpatrick Audio MIDI Repeater

MIDI Repeat Processor vMIDI Support


Tiny Tricks Triangle Oscillator

A tiny triangle based oscillator.


NLnRi LuciControlFREQ

Luci Ctrl FREQ


Count Modula Voltage Scaler

Rescale a voltage from one range to another


Count Modula Voltage Controlled Switch

Selects between 2 inputs or routes 1 input to one of 2 outputs based on the level of the signal at the CV input


Tiny Tricks Triangle+ Oscillator

Three triangle based oscillators with detune and sync.


XTRTN Opabinia

Primitive bassdrum, also accepts audio input for distortion and waveshaping.

DrumEnvelope generatorDistortionWaveshaperPolyphonic

RareBreeds Polygene

Polyphonic Rhythm Generator

Clock modulatorSequencerPolyphonic

Count Modula Master Reset Controller

Master reset button and clock wrangler

Clock modulatorControllerUtility

Voxglitch Repeater

Looping sample player with playback offset control.


Strum's VCV Modules MentalPatchMatrix

10 * 10 switched summing matrix


Path Set WarpDrive

Path Set: Infinity (4 modules)

Dual-drive systems. Two sound sources with built in, clocks, lfos, and envelops.

OscillatorLow-frequency oscillatorClock generatorEnvelope generator

computerscare Oh Peas!

Quad Quantenuverter. Attenuverter, Offsetter, Microtonal Quantizer


Mockba Modular MaugSquare2

Simple Moog style SQUARE .29 oscillator


Lilac Looper

Stereo multi-track live looper


ML Modules OctaTrig

Gate tp Trigger converter

Clock modulatorPolyphonic

Bidoo tOCAnTe


Clock generator

kocmoc OP

Phase-modulation operator


docB GeneticTerrain

Genetic Wave Terrain Synthesis


Mockba Modular Mastah

UDP Clock Synchronizer (Master)


docB GeneticSuperTerrain

Genetic Wave Terrain Synthesis with Superformula Curves


Frozen Wasteland Drunken Rampage

Probalistic Dual ramp generator. Inspired by Befaco Rampage.

Function generatorLogicSlew limiterEnvelope followerDualRandom

Hampton Harmonics Arp

Polyphonic Input Arpeggiator


Frozen Wasteland Everlasting Glottal Stopper

Vocal Tract simulating VCO


Hora Vacuumba Free

Tube Distortion


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