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Aria Salvatrice Signature Series Atout

Today's fortune ★

RandomClock generatorPolyphonicQuantizerSequencer

Aria Salvatrice Signature Series Aleister

Today's fortune ★

RandomClock generatorPolyphonicQuantizerSequencerExpander

Voxglitch XY

CV output generator with built in gesture recording.

SequencerRecordingEnvelope generator

Aria Salvatrice Signature Series Darius

Branching 8-step sequencer taking a random path through its nodes


PurrSoftware Meander

Algorithmic Composer


Squinky Labs Seq4x4

Sequence player


Sckitam MarkovSeq

Sequencer/Switch based on Markov chain


Aunty Langton's Musical Ant

A Langton's Ant implementation in Rack

SequencerClock generatorClock modulatorArpeggiatorPolyphonic

RJModules Euclidian - Euclidian Rhythm Generator

Euclidian - Euclidian Rhythm Generator in E(m, k) + i format, with presets.


Count Modula Clocked Random Gates

Generates a set of 8 synchronised gates and triggers

Clock modulatorSequencer

Count Modula Clocked Random Gate CV Expander

Generates CV based on the state of the random gates


Count Modula Clocked Random Gate Logic Expander

Logical processing of the gates from the Clocked Random Gates module


stoermelder 8FACEx2

Universal expander for sequencing up to sixteen presets of any module


stoermelder MAZE

4 channel sequencer running on a 2-dimensional grid


DHE Modules Curve Sequencer 4

Generates a 4 step sequence of curves

SequencerEnvelope generatorLow-frequency oscillator

DHE Modules Curve Sequencer 8

Generates an 8 step sequence of curves

SequencerEnvelope generatorLow-frequency oscillator

DHE Modules Curve Sequencer 16

Generates a 16 step sequence of curves

SequencerEnvelope generatorLow-frequency oscillator

OrangeLine Mother

Mode aware probability driven quantizer


23volts Mem

Sample & Hold with replay/looping abilities

Sample and holdSample and holdUtilitySamplerSequencer

23volts Cells

Cellular automaton sequencer


nozoïd Nozori_84_LFO_SEQ

6 step LFO / Sequencer

Hardware cloneFunction generatorLow-frequency oscillatorSequencer

nozoïd Nozori_84_SEQ_4

4 step sequencer with parameterizable step length

Hardware cloneSequencer

nozoïd Nozori_84_SEQ_8

8 steps sequencer

Hardware cloneSequencer

Count Modula Trigger Sequencer Gate Expander

Adds gate outputs to the 8 and 16 Step Trigger Sequencers


kocmoc TRG

Trigger Sequencer


OrangeLine Swing

Micro Timing Sequencer

SequencerClock generatorClock modulator

Scanner Darkly Orca's Heart

quad algorithmic sequencer generator

ArpeggiatorClock modulatorQuadSequencer

Spektro Audio Seasons

4-Stage Step Sequencer


Racket Science Vector Victor

Phase driven CV loop recorder


RJModules MutateSeq - MutateSeq - Mutating Sequencer

MutateSeq - Mutating Sequencer


RJModules Sequential Switch - 8 to 1

Gate-triggered Sequential Switch


alto777_LFSR Amuse


alto777_LFSR FG-8


alto777_LFSR Psych tone


alto777_LFSR Yet Another SEQ3


Strum's VCV Modules MentalCartesian

Grid Sequencer based on Make Noise's Rene


unless modules piong

arcade modulator


unless modules Mr. Chainkov

a markov-chain melody generator


JW-Modules Patterns

SequencerClock modulator

stocaudio Polyturing

Turing Machine inspired polyphonic sampler/sequencer


stocaudio Clock

Clock multiplier/divider with swing


stocaudio Manseq

Polyphonic button driven sequencer


stocaudio Btnseq

Polyphonic gate sequencer


LifeFormModular SequenceModeler

Sequencer based on Fundamental SEQ3


LifeFormModular ImpulseControl

Trigger sequencer based on Fundamental SEQ3


Admiral Tables

Quad sequencer.

Clock modulatorQuadSequencer

Wrong People MIDI Player

Multitrack MIDI files player

Clock generatorEnvelope generatorMIDIPolyphonicSequencer

aridacity Clock Divider

16 step clock divider and sequencer

Clock modulatorSwitchSequencer

Count Modula Gated Comparator

Gated Comparator


Count Modula Gated Comparator Expander - Random Melody

Gated Comparator expander adding Random Melody output (also works with other sequencers)


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