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Chinenual Polyphonic Splitter with Sort

Split polyphonic signal and share sort criteriea with other SplitSort or MergeSort (inspired by Aria Salvatrice's Splort)


Venom Bernoulli Switch Expander

Additional CV inputs and attenuators for Bernoulli Switch


The All Electric Smart Grid LatticeExpander

Blinkin Lights for Lattice Orientation


The All Electric Smart Grid LameJuis

Logic Matrix and Just Intonation Sequencer.


pachde Copper

A color picker and extender with modulation and outputs


pachde Imagine

An eccentric source of voltage, gates, and triggers from an image


pachde Info

Resizable text notes with themes, colors, and animation


pachde Null

A discreet resizable blank panel with themes, colors, and animation


Matrix Sequencer matrix-sequencer

Simple matrix sequencer for VCV Rack 2 with three different playback algorithms.


HetrickCV Probability

Sends one gate to two places randomly.


Venom Shaped VCA

Stereo VCA with a variable response curve, hard/soft clipping, ring modulation, and oversampling

AttenuatorPolyphonicRing modulatorUtilityVoltage-controlled amplifierWaveshaper

Venom Reformation

Transform CV or audio by mapping way point voltages to new values

DistortionEffectPolyphonicUtilityVoltage-controlled amplifierWaveshaper

Venom Poly Unison

Replicate each channel of a polyphonic input with a variable detune spread, and merge the results into a single polyphonic output


Sickozell cvSwitcher

2>1 voltage controlled switch


Sickozell cvRouter

1>2 voltage controlled switch


Sickozell clocker

Clock generator with 4 dividers/multipliers and audio metronome

Clock generatorClock modulator

Sickozell adder8

8 adder and subtractor


Seaside Modular Blank_20HP

Seaside Modular Blank Panel


Seaside Modular Raga

Raga is a 19-string sitar simulator.

Physical modelingSynth voice

Biset Regex Condensed

A text based pattern sequencer for rythm and pitch

SequencerClock modulatorControllerDigital

Biset Regex

A text based pattern sequencer for rythm and pitch

SequencerClock modulatorControllerDigital

docB HexSeqP2

A 100x16x64 Trigger Sequencer with probability


docB µMatrix

A 32x4 Grid ASCII Sequencer with up to 16 play heads


monome grid 256

16x16 grid controller

DigitalHardware cloneController

monome grid 64

8x8 grid controller

DigitalHardware cloneController

monome grid 128

16x8 grid controller

DigitalHardware cloneController

monome ansible

multi-mode sequencer and control voltage generator, for grid and arc controllers

SequencerClock generatorLogicFunction generatorDigitalHardware cloneExternal

monome meadowphysics

grid-enabled rhizomatic cascading counter

SequencerClock generatorDigitalHardware cloneExternal

monome earthsea

grid-enabled shape-memory pattern instrument

SequencerDigitalHardware cloneExternal

monome white whale

grid-enabled probabilistic step sequencer

SequencerClock generatorDigitalHardware cloneExternal

dawn bree prismo

an eight step direct input sequencer for cv or signal with four independent channels.


dawn bree notepad

utility for building chords and melodies around major and minor key signatures.


dawn bree nudge

A simple way to scale and offset an input.


dawn bree seesaw

Switch between two inputs after a variable amount of clock pulses.


docB PPD

Ping Pong Delay


docB Drums

Sampled drums


docB Osc9

Waveshaping Oscillaor


docB Osc8

Two additive oscillators with linear FM through zero and cross FM


docB Osc7

Komplex Oscillaor providing phase distorted waves


NullPath Entangle

9-9 random router


NullPath Turbulence

A supersaw oscillator/synth voice, with noise and a built-in ADSR envelope

OscillatorPolyphonicSynth voice

NullPath Cascade

A 4 channel envelope/function generator

Envelope generator

NullPath Collapse

A 9-1 not-so-sequential switch


NullPath Expand

A 1-9 not-so-sequential switch


Sickozell sickoSampler

Sample Player and Recorder


DanT PolySplice

[7hp][Nu-Metal] Polyphonic switch with up to 5 seconds slew.


Path Set x Omri Cohen Hypha

Record audio into two different loopers. Then mix and modulate to your heart's content.


Path Set x Omri Cohen Truffle

Split your samples into four slices, each with their own send/return channels and playback controls.


Stochastic Telegraph Fermata

Write much longer text notes, and various sizes of labels. Fermata is resizable, scrolls, has font and color choices, and more.


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