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Lunetta Modula CD4011 Quad 2-Input NAND Gate

Quad 2-Input NAND Gate


HetrickCV Analog to Digital

Converts a continuous signal into eight gates representing bit values.


Lunetta Modula CD4008 4-Bit Full Adder With Parallel Carry Out

4-Bit Full Adder With Parallel Carry Out


VCV Logic

Gate logic processor


Lunetta Modula CD4049 Hex Inverter

Hex Inverter


Sickozell bToggler

Buffered stereo signal toggle switch router, with VCA and ASR envelope generator

LogicEnvelope generatorVoltage-controlled amplifier

Coffee Tumble

A chain of up to 8 pulse countdowns, which can produce bursts of triggers or gates.

UtilityClock modulatorLogicSequencer

SynthKit Fibonacci Clock Divider

Fibonacci Clock Divider

Clock modulatorLogic

Submarine AG-202

AG-202 4-input Polyphonic AND Gates


Count Modula Chances - bernoulli gate

Single bernoulli gate offering randomized routing of gate signals

RandomLogicClock modulator

Count Modula Dual SR Flip Flop

A dual logical Set/Reset flip flop with enable


Mockba Modular DualOR

Simple OR gates


Lunetta Modula CD4082 Dual 4-Input AND Gate

Dual 4-Input AND Gate


AlliewayAudio Bumper

AlliewayAudio Series I (3 modules)

Quad Stepped Digital Accumulator. Based on the programming concept of incrementally 'bumping' variables up and down. Send it some gates, and it creates many stepped CVs and sub-rhythms as output - send it some oscillators, and it will explode your Atari.

Clock modulatorDigitalFunction generatorLogicLow-frequency oscillatorOscillatorQuadSample and holdSequencerUtilityWaveshaper

SynthKit And

Logical Bitwise And


Count Modula D Flip Flop

A logical D type flip flop with clock enable


Submarine OG-202

OG-202 4-Channel Polyphonic OR Gates


alef's bits math

applies various math operations on two inputs, clamped to +/-10V


Bark Trim LFO Hz

Trims top/bottom values on the selected LFO output, without attenuating. Quick access buttons on labels

Low-frequency oscillatorUtilityLogicDualClock generator

catronomix bitStep

1 'building block' for creating binary shift registers


catronomix aAvsBb

Multi-purpose quadcomparator/wave folder with 4 inputs

LogicSample and holdWaveshaper

SV Modular Not

CV and Voltage Inverter


HetrickCV Digital to Analog

Converts eight gates to a smooth signal.


Mockba Modular DualAND

Simple AND gates


Lunetta Modula CD4048 Multifunction Expandable 8-Input Gate

Multifunction Expandable 8-Input Gate


Lunetta Modula CD4025 Triple 3-Input NOR Gate

Triple 3-Input NOR Gate


Submarine AG-104

AG-104 AND Gates


alef's bits logic

perform logical operations on two inputs


DHE Modules Fuzzy Logic Z

Combines signals by applying Lofti Zadeh’s fuzzy logic operators


Submarine FF-206

FF-206 Edge Triggered Flip-Flops


Lunetta Modula CD40106 Hex Schmitt-Trigger Inverters

Hex Schmitt-Trigger Inverters


Lunetta Modula CD4071 Quad 2-Input OR Gate

Quad 2-Input OR Gate


Sha#Bang! Modules Stochastic Sequencer Grid

Probabilistic grid sequencer with subdivisions


Count Modula Boolean VC Inverter

Dual voltage controlled logical inverter


Lunetta Modula CD4019 Quad AND-OR Select Gate

Quad AND-OR Select Gate


Lunetta Modula CD4075 Triple 3-Input OR Gate

Triple 3-Input OR Gate


Lunetta Modula CD4514 4-Bit Latched/4-to-16 Line Decoder (Active High Outputs)

4-Bit Latched/4-to-16 Line Decoder with Active High Outputs)


Sickozell bToggler8

8 buffered toggle switch signal router


Coffee Any

A simple AND/OR logic utility with 8 inputs, 1 output.


SynthKit Rotating Clock Divider

Rotating Clock Divider

Clock modulatorLogic

Submarine LD-106

LD-106 Schmitt Trigger Line Drivers


SV Modular Shift

CV and Waveform Shifter/Attenuator


SynthKit Shifting Clock Divider

Shifting Clock Divider

Clock modulatorLogic

Submarine FF-212

FF-212 Edge Triggered Flip-Flops


Submarine AG-106

AG-106 AND Gates


Submarine XG-104

XG-104 XOR Gates


HetrickCV Binary Gate

Manually turn a gate on or off, or toggle its current state.


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