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catronomix bitStep

1 'building block' for creating binary shift registers


Mockba Modular DualNOR

Simple NOR gates


Bogaudio INV

Dual signal inverter


Lunetta Modula CD4023 Triple 3-Input NAND Gate

Triple 3-Input NAND Gate


Sickozell Toggler Compact

Stereo signal toggle switch router, with VCA and ASR envelope generator, in a compact form factor

LogicEnvelope generatorVoltage-controlled amplifier

Bark Trim LFO Hz

Trims top/bottom values on the selected LFO output, without attenuating. Quick access buttons on labels

Low-frequency oscillatorUtilityLogicDualClock generator

Submarine NG-206

NG-206 Polyphonic NOT Gates


SynthKit Shifting Clock Divider

Shifting Clock Divider

Clock modulatorLogic

Lunetta Modula CD4072 Dual 4-Input OR Gate

Dual 4-Input OR Gate


Count Modula Chances - bernoulli gate

Single bernoulli gate offering randomized routing of gate signals

RandomLogicClock modulator

Bidoo LoURdE

Neural comparator & gate


SynthKit Fibonacci Clock Divider

Fibonacci Clock Divider

Clock modulatorLogic

HetrickCV Boolean Logic

Six way boolean logic processor


Bogaudio BOOL

Boolean logic


Lunetta Modula CD4030 Quad 2-Input XOR Gate

Quad 2-Input XOR Gate



Boolean logic sequencer


Lunetta Modula CD40106 Hex Schmitt-Trigger Inverters

Hex Schmitt-Trigger Inverters


Strum's VCV Modules MentalLogic

And, Or, Not logic gates


Coffee Together

An 8 channel, 4 group sequencer, with triggered randomized movement.

UtilityClock modulatorLogicRandomSequencer

Bark Trim LFO BPM

Trims top/bottom values on the selected LFO output, without attenuating. Quick access buttons on labels

Low-frequency oscillatorUtilityLogicDualClock generator

Mockba Modular DualNOT

Simple NOT gates (3 actually)


Sonus Dept. Paramath

Comparing and Maths


AlliewayAudio Chilly Cheese

1:1 digital recreation of Mannequins 'Cold Mac' esoteric macro-utility (made with permission, but not by Mannequins)

AttenuatorCompressorEnvelope followerLogicRing modulatorSlew limiterUtilityVoltage-controlled amplifierWaveshaper

Bidoo lATe

Clock Modulator, Takes a clock input and applies a delay on even ticks to create swing. Reset sets the next tick for the incoming clock to odd.

LogicSequencerClock modulator

Lunetta Modula CD4077 Quad 2-Input XNOR Gate

Quad 2-Input XNOR Gate


Lunetta Modula CD4008 4-Bit Full Adder With Parallel Carry Out

4-Bit Full Adder With Parallel Carry Out


Submarine NG-112

NG-112 NOT Gates


Submarine DO-120

DO-120 Digital Operators


Submarine XG-104

XG-104 XOR Gates


Mockba Modular Comparator

Simple voltage comparator


SynthKit Addition

Simple value addition


Grande Logic

Polyphonic logic gates. (Gates also include two single-input modes: apply across all A channels, and invert all B channels.)


Submarine AG-202

AG-202 4-input Polyphonic AND Gates


Nonlinear Circuits Numberwang

Four gates make sixteen. That's Numberwang! Panel by jk.

LogicHardware clone

HetrickCV Comparator

Determine whether a signal is above or below a threshold.


Lunetta Modula CD4015 Dual 4-Stage Static Shift Register

Dual 4-Stage Static Shift Register

LogicClock modulator

Lunetta Modula CD4082 Dual 4-Input AND Gate

Dual 4-Input AND Gate


Submarine BB-120

BB-120 20-Stage Bucket Brigade Sample and Hold

LogicDelaySample and holdMultiple

NYSTHI GateTrigMerger

GATE or TRIG mixer/merger


Sickozell Toggler

Stereo signal toggle switch router, with VCA and ASR envelope generator

LogicEnvelope generatorVoltage-controlled amplifier

Nonlinear Circuits BOOLs

Four binary logic jumblers. Panel by Papernoise.

LogicHardware cloneQuad

Mockba Modular DualNAND

Simple NAND gates


Count Modula Boolean VC Inverter

Dual voltage controlled logical inverter


NOI Dicotyledon

Logic processor


Bogaudio CMP

Window comparator


HetrickCV Flip-Flop

A flexible toggle switch


Coffee Fork

Provide two inputs and a probability/chance, will output one, when triggered.

UtilityLogicRandomSample and hold

NYSTHI Flipper

FlipFlops and Trigs to generate GATES and TRIGS on demand


Submarine FF-110

FF-110 10-Stage Flip-Flop Counter


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