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Count Modula Burst Generator 64

Generates bursts of 1-64 pulses whenever a trigger is received at the trigger input

Clock modulatorSequencer

Path Set Ring

Path Set: Rainbows

Concentric rings of notes create an ever shifting sequence.


TyrannosaurusRu LFSR8 Poly

Fully deterministic sequencer based on 8-bit LFSR capable to produce pseudo-random results


Count Modula Binary Sequencer

Binary counter based sequencer

Clock generatorSequencer

AlgoritmArte MusiFrog

A musical frog jumping around an harmonic lake


docB µMatrix

A 32x4 Grid ASCII Sequencer with up to 16 play heads


Grayscale Permutation (6hp)

Random sequencer based on the Turing Machine

SequencerRandomHardware clone

cvly brst

Burst generator with up to 8 outputs

PolyphonicSample and holdSequencerSwitch

stoermelder 8FACE

Universal expander for sequencing up to eight presets of any module


computerscare Father and Son Patch Sequencer

Patch Sequencer - 10 in, 10 out patch matrix with 16 scenes


Count Modula 16 Step Sequencer Trigger Output Expander

Adds individual trigger outputs to the 16 Step Sequencer


Ohmer Modules FroeZe-SX

14HP "left-side" expander for FroeZe: per-track %SWING CV inputs


docB HexSeq

A Sequencer using compact hexadecimal strings for trigger sequencing


Count Modula Octet Trigger Sequencer Gate Expander

Adds individual gate outputs to the Octet Trigger Sequencer


Entrian Player: Melody

Piano roll melody and chord player for MIDI files and Entrian Sequencer songs.


Impromptu PhraseSeq expander

Expander for PhraseSeq16 and PhraseSeq32


trowaSoft multiSeq

64-step trigger/variable voltage/note sequencer with a built-in Open Sound Control (OSC) interface. Basically, trigSeq and voltSeq combined into one.


docB HexSeqP

A 16x16x64 Trigger Sequencer


RCM SEQ Adapter

Nord style reset for syncing simple sequencers


The All Electric Smart Grid LameJuis

Logic Matrix and Just Intonation Sequencer.


dBiz Smorph


Geodesics Entropia

Thermodynamic microstate sequencer


cvly ntrvlc

4x8 sequencer with incorporated quantizer


monome earthsea

grid-enabled shape-memory pattern instrument

SequencerDigitalHardware cloneExternal

docB JTChords

Just Intonation Chords


Amalgamated Harmonics Galaxy

Semi-random chord generation


OrangeLine Dejavu

Random Cv and Trigger generator with nested repeat functionality


OrangeLine Phrase

Utility to sequence phrases by sequencing a sequencer

SequencerUtilityClock modulator

HetrickCV Phasor to Gates 32

A 32-step gate sequencer driven by a phasor.

Clock modulatorSequencerPolyphonic

trowaSoft voltSeq

16-step variable voltage/note sequencer with a built-in Open Sound Control (OSC) interface.


Voxglitch XY

CV output generator with built in gesture recording.

SequencerRecordingEnvelope generator

Count Modula Multi-step Sequencer

Step sequencer with repeat and probability per step


TyrannosaurusRu ChaosMaps

Sequencer based on the logistic and tent maps


Count Modula 8 x 16 Gate Sequencer

An 8 Channel 16 Step Gate/Trigger Sequencer


fruitsofkarma CellularAuto

64x256 sequencer with configurable zoomed active zone. Uses polyphony to split active zone to separate sequencer rows


Ohmer Modules FroeZe-X

12HP "right-side" expander for FroeZe: additional outputs (AC'd notes) / edit features


cvly stpr

Sequencer with switches for each step


cf l3dS3q

5x16 triggers sequencer


docB CCA2

2D Continuous Cellular Automaton Sequencer


computerscare Laundry Soup

Rhythm sequencer, pulse generator, text-based

SequencerClock modulatorRandomPolyphonic

Count Modula Gated Comparator

Gated Comparator


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