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docB Osc1

Line segement oscillator with alias suppressing


docB OFS3

3x OFS


docB OFS

CPU friendly polyphonic offset/scaler with polyphonic cv inputs and cv attenuators


docB RndH2

Random and Hold mk2


docB Osc2

Double Sinus Oscillator


docB PRB

Parabolic Oscillator


Ohmer Modules Polarity Switch

Signal is routed to "P" if its voltage is positive. Otherwise, it's routed to "N"


Chinenual DrumMap

Merge GATEs to General MIDI drum pitches


fruitsofkarma Scale Merger

Transit from one scale or mode to another


TyrannosaurusRu Pluck

Karplus-Strong plucked string implementation

OscillatorPhysical modelingPolyphonic

TyrannosaurusRu ChaosMaps

Sequencer based on the logistic and tent maps


TyrannosaurusRu Droplets

Sequencer loosely based on the liquid flow in the leaky faucet


TyrannosaurusRu LFSR16 Poly

16-bit LFSR sequencer with ability to split for two independent registers


TyrannosaurusRu LFSR8 Poly

Fully deterministic sequencer based on 8-bit LFSR capable to produce pseudo-random results


TyrannosaurusRu muLooper

Recording sampler for the very short (65536 samples max) loops


Venom WinComp

Windowed comparator and rectifier


Venom Rhythm Explorer

Random rhythm generator, trigger sequencer and clock divider

Clock modulatorRandomSequencer

Venom Recurse Stereo

Recursively process mono or stereo input via Send/Return, with built in scaling and offset cababilities

EffectPolyphonicRing modulatorUtility

Venom Recurse

Recursively process an input via Send/Return, with built in scaling and offset cababilities

EffectPolyphonicRing modulatorUtility

Venom Poly Clone

Clone each channel of a polyphonic input and merge the results into a single polyphonic output


Venom HQ - Harmonic Quantizer

Computes a selected harmonic or subharmonic partial relative to a root V/Oct, or quantizes input V/Oct to the nearest partial relative to the root


Venom Clone Merge

Clone up to 8 monophonic inputs and merge all channels into 1 polyphonic output


Venom Bernoulli Switch

Randomly route two inputs to two outputs, with built in scaling and offset capabilities


Noise86 TransQuant

Quantiser with triggers to transpose by a CV controleable interval

Clock modulatorDigitalQuantizer

Noise86 EyeSeq

Weighted sum of a clock divider


Noise86 MultiLogic

Three multi-function logic gates that can each be AND,OR,XOR,NOT with inverted outputs


Noise86 MarkovDrummer

Probablistic trigger sequencer based of Markov chains


Silly Sounds Kyle

A sidechain module utilizing an envelope follower to create an accurate level adjuster

Envelope follower

Silly Sounds Lola

An in-line sampler, allowing for real-time recording and playback through manual and voltage-based controls


Silly Sounds Sesame

A clock modulator for adding repeat and swing to a regular clock signal

Clock modulator

alef's bits lights

lights turn on when gate is high. 'latch' mode toggles lights on trigger


Count Modula CV Stack

Sequential voltage storage stack with First In First Out or Last In First Out operation

SequencerSample and hold

Count Modula 12 x 16 Gate Sequencer

A 12 Channel 16 Step Gate/Trigger Sequencer


HetrickCV 4-Way Cartesian Mixer

Two-dimensional crossfading between four signals.


HetrickCV Gate Junction Expanded

Eight channel gate processor, expanded with more jacks and polyphony.


trowaSoft OSCcv32 Output Expander

Expansion module for cvOSCcv. Allows 32 more output CV channels to be received from OSC.


trowaSoft OSCcv16 Output Expander

Expansion module for cvOSCcv. Allows 16 more output CV channels to be received from OSC.


trowaSoft cvOSC32 Input Expander

Expansion module for cvOSCcv. Allows 32 more input CV channels to be sent to OSC.


trowaSoft cvOSC16 Input Expander

Expansion module for cvOSCcv. Allows 16 more input CV channels to be sent to OSC.


trowaSoft polyGen

Polygon generator/oscillator. Generates output CVs for x and y coordinates of shapes for drawing.


trowaSoft multiWaveMini

Digital oscillator module with three (3) oscillators/clocks, each with two (2) configurable wave channel outputs. Same as multiWave but smaller without display.

OscillatorRing modulator

Airwindows Airwindows Suite for Rack

Airwindows is a collection of effects; this module contains all of them


Sickozell SickoPlayer

Sample Player


Sickozell Drum Player+

Drum Sample Player


Sickozell Drum Player

Drum Sample Player


Sickozell Drummer4+

4 channel accent and choke utility for drum modules lacking this feature


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