2,499 modules found

JW-Modules Pres1t

Voltage Storage


JW-Modules D1v1de

Clock Divider

Clock modulatorVisual

JW-Modules Blank Panel (1HP)


KautenjaDSP Pallet Town Waves System

An emulation of the Nintendo Gameboy Sound System chip.


KautenjaDSP Pot Keys

An emulation of the Atari POKEY chip.


KautenjaDSP Jairasullator

An emulation of the General Instrument AY-3-8910 chip.

DistortionLow-frequency oscillatorNoiseOscillatorPolyphonicSynth voiceVoltage-controlled amplifier

Grayscale Supercell

Expanded version of Clouds by Mutable Instruments

GranularReverbHardware clone

Grayscale Variant

Expander for Permutation

SequencerRandomExpanderHardware clone

Grayscale Permutation (6hp)

Random sequencer based on the Turing Machine

SequencerRandomHardware clone

Grayscale Permutation (12hp)

Random sequencer based on the Turing Machine

SequencerRandomHardware clone

Grayscale Permutation (18hp)

Random sequencer based on the Turing Machine

SequencerRandomHardware clone

Grayscale Binary²

Logic gate processor


Grayscale Binary

Logic gate processor

LogicHardware clone

Grayscale Algorhythm

8-channel polyrhythmic trigger sequencer

SequencerHardware clone

chowdsp ChowFDN

Feedback delay network reverb


chowdsp ChowPhaserMod

A modulation phaser


chowdsp ChowPhaserFeedback

A feedback phaser


chowdsp ChowTape

Analog tape emulation

EffectDistortionPhysical modeling

iggy.labs more-ideas

Elementary cellular automata sequencer (modeled after less concepts for norns)


Rackwindows Holt

Resonant lowpass filter focussed on low frequencies


Surge for Rack SurgeRingMod

The Surge ring modulator effect

EffectPolyphonicRing modulator

Surge for Rack SurgeFlanger

The Surge flanger effect


Surge for Rack SurgeReverb2

The Surge reverb (second one)


Ahornberg Harmonizer

harmonic and subharmonic CV generator

Envelope followerMultiplePolyphonicTuner

Ahornberg CV-Frequency Shift

linear frequency shifter and modulator for note-cv


Aria Salvatrice Signature Series Modulissimus Salomonis Regis

16-step sequencer conjuring transmundane knowledge of the arts for those who self-patch pleasing sigils


Aria Salvatrice Signature Series Modulus Salomonis Regis

8-step sequencer conjuring stupendous knowledge of the arts for those who self-patch pleasing sigils


Aria Salvatrice Signature Series Modulellus Salomonis Regis

4-step sequencer conjuring grand knowledge of the arts for those who self-patch pleasing sigils


Aria Salvatrice Quatherina's Quale

Convert chords to scales and scales to chords, using Poly External Scale representation


Aria Salvatrice Quatherina's Q<

Quatherina the Quantum Duck's tiny quantizer - external or expander input only


Aria Salvatrice Quatherina's Quack

Quatherina the Quantum Duck's smaller quantizer


Aria Salvatrice Quatherina's Quality Quad Quantizer

Quatherina the Quantum Duck's Quantizer with custom & Poly External Scales, 16 scenes, offset, sample and hold, transposition, lead sheet chords parsing, 4 polyphonic quantizer columns, and a licensed illustration of Quatherina


Bogaudio 4MAN

Quad button-controlled gates / triggers


Bogaudio CMPDIST

Comparator-based distortion


Bogaudio MIX2

Stereo fader/amplifier with CV-controllable mute

Voltage-controlled amplifierPolyphonic

Bogaudio PEQ14XF

PEQ14 envelope followers expander


Bogaudio PEQ14

14-channel parametric equalizer / filter bank


Bogaudio PEQ6XF

PEQ6 envelope followers expander


Bogaudio PEQ6

6-channel parametric equalizer / filter bank


Bogaudio PEQ

3-channel parametric equalizer


Submarine MZ-909

MZ-909 Masterizer


KautenjaDSP Mega Tone

An emulation of the Texas Instruments SN76489 chip from the Sega Master System, Sega Mega Drive, and Sega Genesis.


Dintree V107 Dual Slew

Dual Slew Rate Limiter

DualHardware cloneSlew limiter

Dintree V105 Quad CV Proc

Quad Control Voltage Processor

AttenuatorMixerQuadHardware clone

Dintree V104 Four Vs

Four Channel Voltage Source

ControllerHardware cloneQuadUtility

Dintree V103 Reverb Delay

Stereo Reverb and Delay Digital Effects Processor

DelayDigitalEffectHardware cloneReverb

Squinky Labs Substitute

Subharmonic VCO


Squinky Labs FM Kitchen Sink

Many function VCO

OscillatorPolyphonicSynth voice

Stoev Interference

Poly rhythm generator

SequencerClock generatorClock modulator

Atelier Palette

Based on Mutable Instruments Plaits

OscillatorHardware clonePolyphonic

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