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MindMeld Meld

8-track stereo merge for MixMaster


Airwindows Airwindows Suite for Rack

Airwindows is a collection of effects; this module contains all of them


Submarine OG-106

OG-106 OR Gates


EucQuant EdoQuant

n-EDO quantizer for generating xenharmonic melodies with CV


docB Gendy

Iannis Xenakis GENDYN Simulation


NYSTHI Strummer

String strummer device


Studio Six Plus One Thru

Thru module with assignable labels


Instruō I-ō47

Multimode Resonator / Filter (I-o47, Io47, 1047)

Hardware cloneFilterOscillator

Mockba Modular PSelectah

Simple Priority Selector (AND->OR MUX)


ML Modules Sum8 MkII

Summer with selectable sign


Bark Trim LFO Hz

Trims top/bottom values on the selected LFO output, without attenuating. Quick access buttons on labels

Low-frequency oscillatorUtilityLogicDualClock generator

NANO Modules ONA

Analog Multifunction Oscillator

OscillatorLow-frequency oscillatorHardware clone

Coffee Tumble

A chain of up to 8 pulse countdowns, which can produce bursts of triggers or gates.

UtilityClock modulatorLogicSequencer

ML Modules OctaSwitch

8 fold switch with CV controllable switching point


htLocal htAdder

functions largely like the A-185-2 Precision CV Adder

Hardware cloneUtility

Blamsoft XFX Overdrive

Distortion Stompbox



[17hp][Neon-Oblique] Experimental cowbell.

DrumPhysical modeling

Dintree V105 Quad CV Proc

Quad Control Voltage Processor

AttenuatorMixerQuadHardware clone

Submarine VM-202

VM-202 2-Channel Vintage VU-Meter

UtilityVisualDualPolyphonicHardware clone

Alright Devices Zzzorb

Four-pole multimode filter and VCA

FilterVoltage-controlled amplifierHardware clone

Voxglitch Wav Bank MC

Extended version of Wav Bank that supports multi-channel WAV files


SIM Coerce

Quantize an incoming polyphonic signal to voltages of another polyphonic signal.


Bogaudio MANUAL

Button controlled gates / triggers


MSM Wavefolder

Advanced wave folder with variable symmetry controls


SV Modular Paddington

Synthetic (7 modules)

PAD Algorithm Based Synthesizer


Seaside Modular Blank_20HP

Seaside Modular Blank Panel


Count Modula Voltage Controlled Pulse Divider

Voltage controlled division of pulse signals such as gates and triggers

Clock modulator

Hora Envelope Follower Free

Envelope follower

Envelope follower

docB PPD

Ping Pong Delay


stoermelder INTERMIX-GATE

Expander for INTERMIX outputting a gate-signal for each active row


Prism Rainbow

A multiband band-pass resonant filter, a port of the 4ms SMR

Physical modelingFilterHardware clone

Submarine BP-132

BP-132 Blanking Plate


Impromptu PhraseSeq32

32-step, 32-pattern sequencer


Bacon Music LintBuddy

Am I Connected to Someone OK?

RPJ TheWeb

Module with 2nd order Butterworth LPF, HPF, BPF and BSF


Grande LFO3

Three individual bipolar sine LFOs with separate frequency inputs.

Low-frequency oscillatorPolyphonic

catronomix vcClk--

Clock divider for vcClk

Clock modulator

GoodSheperd Hurdle



Bogaudio INV

Dual signal inverter


MindMeld RouteMaster 5->1 switch

RouteMaster 5->1 switch (for use with PatchMaster)


Kilpatrick Audio Smasher Expander

CV and MIDI expander for Smasher with vMIDI Support


Submarine TD-202

TD-202 Vertical Text Display


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