361 modules found

catronomix bitStep

1 'building block' for creating binary shift registers


Autodafe Clock Divider

Clock Divider and Multiplier

Clock modulator

computerscare Goly Penerator

Polyphonic constant CV signal generation


Impromptu BigButtonSeq

6-channel, 64-step trigger sequencer


Befaco PonyVCO

Compact Thru-Zero (TZFM) oscillator with wavefolder and VCA

Hardware cloneLow-frequency oscillatorOscillatorWaveshaper

Dintree V201 Tri Comparator

Analog Comparator Functions


Bidoo TiARE

Phase distortion oscillator

OscillatorLow-frequency oscillator

ZetaCarinae Rosenchance

2 State, 2 Emission Hidden Markov Model


Submarine AO-136

AO-136 Arithmetic Operators


Sparkette's Stuff RGB Matrix

An array of RGB lights with built-in oscillators for generating and displaying patterns.


Count Modula Gated Comparator

Gated Comparator


HetrickCV Rotator

Eight-way channel rotation.


Tiny Tricks Simplex Oscillator

A oscillator based on a simplex noise source.


LifeFormModular BurstIntegrator

Sequential switch based on ML switches, with trigger generator to add burst of trigs to yout patterns

SwitchClock modulator

LifeFormModular PitchIntegrator

Sequential switch based on ML switches, with sample and hold designed for pitch

SwitchSample and hold

Venom Bernoulli Switch

Randomly route two inputs to two outputs, with built in scaling and offset capabilities


Autodafe BPM Clock

A Clock Generator with BPM sync

Clock generator

Amalgamated Harmonics Generative

A toolkit of functions intended to support generative music creation

NoiseSample and holdLow-frequency oscillatorRandomClock generator

Lilac Accumulator

Dual polyphonic voltage accumulator or integrator


HetrickCV Waveshaper

Modulatable hyperbolic waveshaper


Lilac Looper

Stereo multi-track live looper


Kilpatrick Audio MIDI Repeater

MIDI Repeat Processor vMIDI Support


Hora Amplitude Free

voltage controlled mixer/inverter/amp

Voltage-controlled amplifier

Count Modula Fade-in/Fade-out Expander

Adds sequencer start/stop and envelope outputs to the fade controller


Impromptu TactG

Tactile-inspired controller with gate output


NLnRi LuciControlRND

Luci Ctrl RAND


Frequency Domain Dance This Mesh Around

Multi-Dimensional Digital Waveguide Oscillator

OscillatorEffectPhysical modeling

Nocturnal Encoder NE-2 Encoder

Dual Amplitude Modulation Encoder

OscillatorVoltage-controlled amplifierDual

Hampton Harmonics Arp

Polyphonic Input Arpeggiator


Strum's VCV Modules MentalMasterClock

BPM setable clock with division outputs

Clock generator

Count Modula Attenuator

Dual attenuator with attenuverting option


Atelier Palette

Based on Mutable Instruments Plaits

OscillatorHardware clonePolyphonic

Infrasonic Audio Warp Core

Dual-algorithm phase distortion and phase modulation oscillator


Count Modula Clocked Random Gate CV Expander

Generates CV based on the state of the random gates


Submarine SN-101

SN-101 Smooth Noise Generator


Bidoo tOCAnTe


Clock generator

Audible Instruments Meta Modulator

Based on Mutable Instruments Warps

Ring modulatorWaveshaperHardware clone

Voxglitch Repeater

Looping sample player with playback offset control.


Bidoo mINIBar



Bogaudio CMPDIST

Comparator-based distortion


Submarine VM-202

VM-202 2-Channel Vintage VU-Meter

UtilityVisualDualPolyphonicHardware clone

stocaudio Spread

Polyphonic stereo spreader and summer

Voltage-controlled amplifierUtilityPolyphonic

Count Modula Boolean OR Gate

4 input boolean OR/NOR gate


Bacon Music PolyGnome

A poly-rhythmic clock generator

Clock generator

fruitsofkarma Math

Basic math operations

Envelope generatorPolyphonic


FM Operator dx7 style, Sinusoid VCO

OscillatorLow-frequency oscillatorPolyphonicUtility

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