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ZetaCarinae WeebleWarbler

Oscillator with some mixing capability


Count Modula Matrix Combiner

Gate combiner/switched multiple


LifeFormModular SequenceModeler

Sequencer based on Fundamental SEQ3


Ahornberg Copy Paste Preset

copy-paste a preset from the module on the left side to the modules on the right side


Amalgamated Harmonics PolyScope

Polyphonic 'Scope


Bogaudio CMPDIST

Comparator-based distortion


Impromptu Tact

Dual-channel tactile-inspired controller


Impromptu ChordKey

Keyboard-based chord generator


Count Modula Event Arranger

A VCV Rack implementation of the VC Clock and Event Arranger published in an article by John Blacet in the Jan/Feb edition of Synapse magazine

Clock modulatorSequencer

TyrannosaurusRu MicroLooper

Recording sampler for the very short (16384 samples max) loops


Bidoo baR



fruitsofkarma Colored Glass

Simple particles effect


Impromptu BigButtonSeq

6-channel, 64-step trigger sequencer


Submarine VM-204

VM-204 4-Channel Vintage VU-Meter

UtilityVisualQuadPolyphonicHardware clone

computerscare Stoly Fick Pigure

Draw a stick figure


HetrickCV XY<->Polar

Converts XY coordinates to Polar and vice versa.


Hora quadraLFO Free

Quadratic LFO

Low-frequency oscillator

Count Modula Clocked Random Gate Logic Expander

Logical processing of the gates from the Clocked Random Gates module


Sparkette's Stuff Polyphonic Repeater

Converts a monophonic signal to a polyphonic signal where all channels have the same value. Outputs up to four copies of the polyphonic signal, because I had room for extra ports so why not?


catronomix 8xlfo

8x LFO with full CV control and bpm sync

Low-frequency oscillator

ML Modules BPM Tools

detect incoming clock and output voltages for Fundamental LFO and Delay

Clock generatorClock modulator

Count Modula Countdown

Clocked/realtime event counter with 3 digits

Clock modulator

Tiny Tricks Triangle+ Oscillator

Three triangle based oscillators with detune and sync.


Starling Via SCANNER

multi-channel waveshaper

WaveshaperDistortionHardware clone

computerscare Knoly Pobs

16 knobs with polyphonic output


PdArray Array

Draw or record sequences, envelopes or audio

Envelope generatorFunction generatorSamplerVisualWaveshaperPolyphonic

Sckitam PolygonalVCO

Polygonal VCO


HetrickCV Contrast

A mild distortion that brightens up a signal.


Instruō tràigh

Discrete Transistor Ladder Lowpass Filter (traigh)

Hardware cloneFilterMixerOscillator

LifeFormModular PercussiveVibration

Synth voice based on 21Khz PalmLoop and Befaco Rampage mainly for drums

Synth voiceDrum

Kilpatrick Audio MIDI Output

MIDI Hardare Output from vMIDI Adapter


Submarine AO-136

AO-136 Arithmetic Operators


Sculpt-O-Sound Vocode-O-Matic

31 Terts Band Vocoder


Hora Amplitude Free

voltage controlled mixer/inverter/amp

Voltage-controlled amplifier

Count Modula Gated Comparator Expander - Random Melody

Gated Comparator expander adding Random Melody output (also works with other sequencers)


fruitsofkarma Math

Basic math operations

Envelope generatorPolyphonic

AlgoritmArte Zefiro

A full synthesizer inspired by the iconic Buchla Music Easel

Synth voice

computerscare Father and Son Patch Sequencer

Patch Sequencer - 10 in, 10 out patch matrix with 16 scenes


Ahornberg Metronome

classic rehearsal metronome

Clock generator

Submarine OA-103

OA-103 Op-Amps


Comfortzone Kickbaba

Psy Kick Bass


Atelier Palette

Based on Mutable Instruments Plaits

OscillatorHardware clonePolyphonic

VCV Compare

Compares two voltages


Mockba Modular Countah

Simple clock counter

Clock modulator

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