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docB P16

One hundred permutations of 16 steps


docB TD4

A building block for 4x4 sequencers


docB PwmClock

Clock generator with nine configurable clocks with adjustable pwm

Clock generator

docB CYC

A cyclic sequencer


docB M851

M851 Sequencer


docB Klee

A Klee like sequencer


docB CV

CV Source for Sequencing


docB ACC



docB AG

Voltage addressable Gate Patterns


docB Chords

Chord Sequencer


docB JTChords

Just Intonation Chords


Grande Compare3

Three windowed comparators with common input.


Voxglitch Groove Box Expander

Expander module for the Voxglitch Groovebox that provides Mutes, Solos, Gate Outputs, and track-level control over volume, pan, and pitch.


Path Set BlenderExpander

Path Set: Grains (8 modules)

Expander for Blender. Adds more control over how the loop plays.

Path Set SifterExpander

Path Set: Grains (8 modules)

Expander for Sifter. Adds panning and volume controls per channel.

Path Set SporkExpander

Path Set: Grains (8 modules)

Expander for Spork. Adds mixing different modes at the same time.

Path Set Sifter

Path Set: Grains (8 modules)

A granular mixer. Sample 4 sound sources and recombine them endlessly through modulation.


Path Set Spork

Path Set: Grains (8 modules)

A granular FX module. Modulate 6 different granular effects.


Path Set Blender

Path Set: Grains (8 modules)

A Distortion Looper. Play with 4 main knobs to snapshot dynamic effects.


Path Set CheeseGrater

Path Set: Grains (8 modules)

A granular sample and loop. Craft the exact right slice of sound for your music.


Myth Molphar

Sequencer with probabilities


Myth Mavka

Oscillator with VCA per waveform



Mixes 3 CV signals with attenuverters


Coffee Together

An 8 channel, 4 group sequencer, with triggered randomized movement.

UtilityClock modulatorLogicRandomSequencer

alef's bits fibb

a clock divider based on the fibonacci sequence

Clock modulator

alef's bits steps

a simple 8 step sequencer with randomize trigger and eoc output


fruitsofkarma Math

Basic math operations

Envelope generatorPolyphonic

fruitsofkarma Colored Glass

Simple particles effect


fruitsofkarma PowVCO

Generates signal using x=y^n

OscillatorEnvelope generatorPolyphonic

fruitsofkarma Quadro360

Quadro mixer with 8 inputs/4 outputs with rotation control


Skylander NymphesControl

CC viewer and controller for Dreadbox NYMPHES v2 Firmware


H4N4 Xen Quantizer

Polyphonic CV-controllable Scala Quantizer


Grande VCA4

Quad voltage-controlled amplifier.

Voltage-controlled amplifierPolyphonic

Coffee Some

From a group of active inputs, when triggered, mute a number of the inputs, based on a probability


Coffee HiLo

Given one or two inputs, output the maximum and minimum voltage.


Coffee Travel

On trigger, take two samples and interpolate an output

UtilitySlew limiterSample and hold

Coffee Between

On trigger, out puts a random CV value between two values.

UtilityRandomSample and hold


Threshold-controlled glitch loop generator


Loud Numbers Loud Numbers

Data sonification


Voxglitch Groove Box

8-track sample based groovebox with parameter locks


alef's bits noize

random noise generator with duration parameter and 0-10V cv input


Vult OpulusMicro

Accidental FM Operator

Synth voicePolyphonic

Vult Opulus

Retro FM Operator

Synth voicePolyphonic

RebelTech Phoreo

Trigger modulator, multiplier and repeater

Clock modulatorHardware clone

RebelTech Logoi

Voltage controlled clock divider, counter, and delay

Clock modulatorDelayHardware clone

RebelTech CLK

Triple clock generator that produces synchronised clock signals

Clock generatorClock modulatorHardware clone

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