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Biset Tracker Control

Tracker playing controller


Biset Tracker Clock

Tracker clock divider / multiplier

SequencerClock generatorQuadDigital

Strum's VCV Modules MentalGateMaker

triggerable clocked gate with delay and tail


HetrickCV Flip Pan

A bidirectional panner, crossfader, and VCA

PanningVoltage-controlled amplifierUtilityPolyphonic

DanT 5Splice

[4hp] Window mixer for up to 5 inputs


RPJ Montreal

Ideal 2nd Order RLC Filters LPF, HPF, BPF and BSF


Vult Rescomb (Free)

Resonant Comb Filter


Coffee Quant

A small quantizer.


Nonlinear Circuits Double Neuron

Two Neurons and Two Difference Rectifiers. Panel by Papernoise.

MixerNoiseUtilityRandomHardware cloneDual

Squinky Labs Substitute

Subharmonic VCO


Voxglitch Digital Sequencer XP

Polyphonic version of the Digital Sequencer. Sixteen-in-one cv/gate sequencers with independent control over clock division and sequence length.


pachde Pedal-1

Controller for EaganMatrix Pedal 1 (HC-1 companion)


Venom Mix Aux Send Expander

Add aux send/return to any of the Mix modules


DanT Kalkatron

[26hp][Nu-Metal] Utility module that can track a signal and perform basic maths operations upon it.


SynthKit Clock Divider

Clock Divider

Clock modulatorLogic

Erogenous Tones LEVIT8

Utility Module

AttenuatorHardware cloneMixerUtility

dawn bree prismo

an eight step direct input sequencer for cv or signal with four independent channels.


Infrasonic Audio Warp Core

Dual-algorithm phase distortion and phase modulation oscillator


stoermelder STRIP-BAY

Utility module for STRIP keeping inputs/outputs connected


EucQuant EdoQuant

n-EDO quantizer for generating xenharmonic melodies with CV


Strum's VCV Modules MentalMasterClock

BPM setable clock with division outputs

Clock generator

Instruō eãs

Logic Module (eas)

Hardware cloneLogicUtility

Bogaudio PEQ

3-channel parametric equalizer


DanT PKorre

[6hp] CV source based on correlation between two signals


Bogaudio SWITCH88

8x8 matrix mixer


Glue the Giant Enter Mixer Bus

Three stereo inputs to three stereo buses


MindMeld PatchMaster

Configurable multi-controller with parameter mapping


Surge XT Distortion

The Surge XT Distortion


Count Modula 4Bit Sequence Encoder

Binary addressed encoder for sequencer expanders


Kilpatrick Audio Slider Expander

CV and MIDI expander for Slider with vMIDI Support


HetrickCV Phasor Stutter

Processes phasor signals and adds stutters/ratchets/repeats within substeps.

WaveshaperClock modulatorPolyphonic

Bogaudio SWITCH18

8-way signal router


Ahornberg Metronome

classic rehearsal metronome

Clock generator

Kilpatrick Audio MIDI Output

MIDI Hardare Output from vMIDI Adapter


stoermelder SPIN

Utility for converting mouse-wheel movement into triggers, also handles middle-click of mouse, useful for SAIL


Instruō neóni

Through-Zero Oscillator (neoni)

Hardware cloneOscillatorLow-frequency oscillator

ODDSound MTS-ESP Quantizer

Quantize pitch CV to the global MTS-ESP tuning table


noobhour Baseliner

A 4x probabilistic attenuverting switch.


pachde Pedal-2

Controller for EaganMatrix Pedal 2 (HC-1 companion)


MindMeld MixMasterJr

8-track stereo mixer with 2 group busses


Venom VCA Mix 4

Compact audio or CV VCA, mixer, attenuator, inverter, amplifier, and/or offset

AttenuatorMixerPolyphonicRing modulatorUtilityVoltage-controlled amplifier

Questionable Modules Discombobulator

Randomly switches inputs and outputs


Alikins Hovered Value

Display and output the value of the currently hovered widget


Sapphire Nucleus

Simulation of a cloud of particles with mutually attractive, repulsive, and orthogonal forces.

Physical modelingEffectFilterReverb

Voxglitch Glitch Sequencer

Cellular Automaton Gate Sequencer.


Holonic Systems Pantry

Dual CV/Gate Recorder/Looper


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