fruitsofkarma by Alexey Komarov 2.0.3
Coffee by CoffeeVCV 2.1.0
PS-PurrSoftware by Ken Chaffin 2.0.19
alef's bits by alefnull 2.3.0
Voxglitch by Bret Truchan 2.13.0
Bidoo by Bidoo 2.0.14
H4N4 Modules by Hanna Koppelaar 2.1.0
Grande by David Grande 2.5.0
Skylander by Skylander 2.1.0
3HR by Robin Hammar 2.2.0
Prism by John Hoar / Pyer / Steve Russell 2.3.4
WhatTheRack by korfuri 2.0.3
Loud Numbers by Duncan Geere 2.0.0
Squinky Labs by Squinky Labs 2.1.5
Frozen Wasteland by almostEric 2.0.7
Ahornberg by Ahornberg 2.1.4
Stochastic Telegraph by Mahlen Morris 2.0.1
RebelTech by Ewan Hemingway 2.0.0
moDllz by Pablo DeLaLoza 2.1.0
Befaco by VCV, Ewan Hemingway 2.2.0
PinkTrombone by Vega Deftwing 2.0.0
repelzen by wiqid 2.0.0
AS by Alfredo Santamaria 2.0.4
wiqid anomalies by wiqid 2.0.0
OrangeLine by Dieter Stubler 2.4.2
dbRackFormulaOne by docB 2.0.0
Count Modula by Adam Verspaget 2.1.0
Path Set: Free by Andrew Hanson 2.2.0
unless modules by Ákos Plesznivy 2.2.5
Alikins by Adrian Likins 2.0.1
Impromptu by Marc Boulé 2.1.0
Valley by Valley 2.0.4
MindMeld by S.Baker and M.Boulé 2.1.0
Divergent Waves by Tom Carlson 2.0.0
Daniel Davies by Daniel Davies 2.2.0
cvly by Benja Appel 2.0.1
Amalgamated Harmonics by John Hoar 2.0.0
LFSR by alto777 2.0.0
Ohmer by Dominique Camus 2.1.0
aridacity by cubeleco 2.0.0
Aura Audio by Evan Murray 2.0.0
KautenjaDSP RackNES by Christian Kauten 2.0.0
KautenjaDSP Potato Chips by Christian Kauten 2.0.0
Sha#Bang! Modules by Jeremy Muller 2.1.1
Sculpt-O-Sound by Jos Bouten aka Zaphod B. 2.1.0
MicMusic by Mike Maximov 2.0.0
Hampton Harmonics by Scott Hampton 2.0.1
JW-Modules by Jeremy Wentworth 2.0.2
Fundamental by VCV 2.1.0
stocaudio by Alessandro Petrone 2.0.1
DHE Modules by Dale Emery 2.0.3
Encoders by Andrew Ostler 2.1.0
Mental by Strum 2.0.0
KRTPluginA by Jacko 2.25.27
RPJ by Robert Kock 2.1.1
dbRackModules by docB 2.0.5
AlliewayAudio_Freebies by Allie Way 2.0.6
Animated Circuits by Animated Circuits 2.2.0
Coirt / Bark by Phil Golden 2.3.1
Axioma by Kaue Werner 2.0.0
Nozoid by Cyrille Henry 2.1.3
ODDSound MTS-ESP by ODDSound 2.0.2
Frank Buss by Frank Buss 2.0.0
Submarine by carbon14 2.0.4
modular80 by cschol 2.0.1
noobhour by Nicolas Neubauer 2.0.0
Fehler Fabrik by Ross Cameron 2.0.2
PdArray by Márton Gunyhó 2.0.6
DrumKit by SV Modular 2.0.0
Orbits by Rare Breeds 2.0.1
CharredDesert by Jerry Sievert 2.0.0
EH-modules by Eduard Heidt 2.0.5
rchoices by David Koch 2.0.0
az by azrrik 2.0.1
ZetaCarinae by Marshall Hampton 2.0.4
dBiz by Giovanni Ghisleni 2.0.3
SynthKit by Jerry Sievert 2.0.1
Geodesics by Pyer & Marc Boulé 2.2.5
Collection One by scanner-darkly 2.0.4
LyraeModules by Vega Deftwing 2.0.3
LifeFormModular by Marc Dacunha 2.0
Lilac Modules by Gavin Rough 2.0.0
Little Utils by Márton Gunyhó 2.0.0
Atelier by Xenakios (Panel Design by Pyer) 2.0.2
Autinn by Nikolai V. Chr. 2.1.0
Vitamin by Xavier Shay 2.0.1
Bastl by Stefano Manconi, Ewan Hemingway, Bastl collaborators 2.0.0
Interrobang by Jim Allman 2.0.1
RCM by RCM 2.0.0
Lomas Modules by Guillermo Moreno 2.0.0
Tiny Tricks by Thomas René Sidor 2.5.0
htLocal by htLocal 2.0.0
kocmoc by janne808 2.0.2
AlgoritmArte by AlgoritmArte 2.0.0
Sckitam by Philippe Salembier 2.0.1
Stellare Link by Stellare Modular 2.0.0
GoodSheperd by Jens Schulze 2.0.0
LOGinstruments by L.Gabrielli 2.0.3
Mojo by Tom DA SILVA FARIA 2.0.0
Surge for Rack by Surge Synth Team
Bacon Music by @baconpaul 2.0.0
ChowDSP by Jatin Chowdhury 2.0.1
VCV Recorder by VCV 2.0.0
ZZC by Sergey Ukolov 2.0.2
MSM by Phal-anx, Netboy3 2.0.3
Glue the Giant by Paul Merchant 2.0.1
Mockba Modular by Mockba the Borg 2.0.0
Comfortzone by hampa 2.0.0
OSCelot by TheModularMind 2.0.0
computerscare by computerscare 2.0.1
ML Modules by Martin Lueders 2.0.0
Holonic Systems by Holonic Systems 2.0.7
cf by clement foulc 2.0.2