eightfold by scanner darkly 2.0.1
Sparkette's Stuff by Sara Sparks 2.8.0
Squinktronix by Squinktronix 2.2.4
Sanguine Modules by Bloodbat 2.2.0
Sm@rTAZZ Studio Free by Marinko Laban 2.2.0
CV funk Modules by Cody Geary 2.0.6
NOI by Thomas Guillory 2.0.6
SickoCV by Sickozell 2.6.13
SIM by Dan Sable 2.1.1
Minimal Friction by Antoni Chmiela 2.1.0
PdArray by Márton Gunyhó 2.1.1
van Ties by Matthias Sars 2.4.0
T's Musical Tools by T 2.1.9
Chinenual by Steve Tynor 2.7.0
Path Set: Free by Andrew Hanson 2.5.0
Sapphire by Don Cross 2.4.4
Airwindows by @baconpaul, @airwindows 2.11.0
Befaco by VCV, Ewan Hemingway 2.7.1
Stochastic Telegraph by Mahlen Morris 2.0.14
Mathematics and Music Lab (MML) by Cody McCarthy & Maxwell Schneider & Michael G. Maxwell & Josh Pfeffer & Robert Schneider & Andrew V. Sills 2.1.0
Questionable Modules by John Iannandrea 2.1.14
Surge XT by Surge Synth Team
PackOne by Benjamin Dill 2.0.beta4
PS-PurrSoftware by Ken Chaffin 2.0.34
VCV Recorder by VCV 2.0.3
MUS-X by Dr. Johannes Rauch 2.0.2
Biset by Biset 2.0.12
Impromptu by Marc Boulé 2.4.3
Mockba Modular by Mockba the Borg 2.0.1
Geodesics by Pyer & Marc Boulé 2.3.2
Venom by David Benham 2.7.0
dbRackSequencer by docB 2.4.0
Stellare Link by Stellare Modular 2.1.0
OrangeLine by Dieter Stubler 2.4.5
HC One by pachde 2.0.0
SSE-One by Herbert Zenz 2.0.0
Glue the Giant by Paul Merchant 2.0.2
Bacon Music by @baconpaul 2.6.0
Bogaudio by Matt Demanett 2.4.45
monome by Michael Dewberry 2.2.7
Surge for Rack by Surge Synth Team
sn by transcriptaze 2.0.0
Harmonic Anomalies by Lucas Kuzma 2.0.2
H4N4 Modules by Hanna Koppelaar 2.3.0
mscHack by mscHack (Rack2 port @pgatt / @baconpaul) 2.0.0
dbRackFormulaOne by docB 2.0.2
Orbits by Rare Breeds 2.0.4
Voxglitch by Bret Truchan 2.28.0
alef's bits by alefnull 2.5.54
RPJ Visualizer by Robert Kock 2.1.15
Rigatoni by Ian Hoffman 2.2.0
HetrickCV by Michael Hetrick 2.4.1
NLS by Michele Zaccagnini
Patchable Devices by Jacek Lewański 2.0.0
JW-Modules by Jeremy Wentworth 2.0.3
RPJ by Robert Kock 2.2.4
unless modules by Ákos Plesznivy 2.2.7
Valley by Valley 2.4.5
Squinky Labs by Squinky Labs 2.1.9
fruitsofkarma by Alexey Komarov 2.0.10
Daniel Davies by Daniel Davies 2.3.1
Patina by Eugenio Padilla 2.0.1
VCV Free by VCV 2.6.0
The All Electric Smart Grid by Joyo Victor 2.1.0
SS-Modules by Samuel Strong 2.0.0
Aunty Langton's by Alex Weatherley 2.0.1
Nonlinear Circuits by Michael Hetrick 2.2.0
CuteFox Modules by Hristo Goleminov 2.0.1
Lilac Modules by Gavin Rough 2.0.3
pachde One by pachde 2.2.0
AlliewayAudio_Freebies by Allie Way 2.0.7
Count Modula by Adam Verspaget 2.5.0
Ohmer by Dominique Camus 2.4.1
Sha#Bang! Modules by Jeremy Muller 2.2.2
Grande by David Grande 2.8.0
trowaSoft by j4s0n-c 2.0.8
Lilac Loop by Gavin Rough 2.1.6
Frozen Wasteland by almostEric 2.1.0
Ahornberg by Ahornberg 2.2.0
Chiptuner by Andrea Grossi 2.0.0
TriggerFish-Elements by JTriggerFish 2.0.0
Seaside Modular by Blue Nautilus 2.5.2
Matrix Sequencer by R3tr0 2.0.0
dbRackModules by docB 2.3.1
dawn bree by dawn bree 2.0.0
NullPath by Andrew Hanson & Eric Socia 2.0.0
NonLinearInstruments by Ignasi Álvarez Garriga 2.0.0
Yokai_Holiday by d.e.mcanulty
Aaron Static by Aaron Static 2.0.1
Digital Apothecary by Evan Edwards 2.0.5
MindMeld by S.Baker and M.Boulé 2.2.3
KRTPluginA by Jacko 2.26.31
MrLumps by David Peterson 2.0.0