Venom by David Benham 2.1.4
Noumenal-B by Jozsef Venczeli 2.0.0
H4N4 Modules by Hanna Koppelaar 2.2.1
Nonlinear Circuits by Michael Hetrick 2.1.1
Chinenual by Steve Tynor 2.4.2
Bogaudio by Matt Demanett 2.3.43
alef's bits by alefnull 2.5.4
Surge XT by Surge Synth Team
KRTPluginA by Jacko 2.26.31
Unfiltered Volume 1 by Unfiltered Audio 2.1.1
SIM by Dan Sable 2.0.0
MrLumps by David Peterson 2.0.0
QuantalAudio by Jansen Price 2.1.3
Studio Six Plus One by Studio Six Plus One 2.1.00
SickoCV by Sickozell 2.5.2
NOI by Thomas Guillory 2.0.3
Sapphire by Don Cross 2.2.2
Photuri Electronics by Skarmuse 2.1.0
Crystal Palace by David Peterson 2.0.0
fruitsofkarma by Alexey Komarov 2.0.8
Seaside Modular by Blue Nautilus 2.4
Voxglitch by Bret Truchan 2.27.0
Airwindows by @baconpaul, @airwindows 2.2.0
Nocturnal Encoder by David Peterson 2.0.0
dbRackModules by docB 2.2.2
VCV Chords by VCV 2.0.4
PS-PurrSoftware by Ken Chaffin 2.0.28
Ohmer by Dominique Camus 2.2.7
TyrannosaurusRu by Ivan Metalnikov 2.1.0
LOGinstruments by L.Gabrielli 2.0.4
Stochastic Telegraph by Mahlen Morris 2.0.8
Noise86 by Dylan Gardham 2.0.0
Erogenous Tones Free by Rick Burnett 2.1.0
Vult Mysteries by Leonardo Laguna Ruiz 2.0.10
Vult Modules Free by Leonardo Laguna Ruiz 2.0.10
Vult Modules by Leonardo Laguna Ruiz 2.0.10
Vult Compacts by Leonardo Laguna Ruiz 2.0.10
Silly Sounds by Giacomo Loparco 2.0.0
Questionable Modules by John Iannandrea 2.1.7
Bidoo by Bidoo 2.1.1
RPJ by Robert Kock 2.2.3
HetrickCV by Michael Hetrick 2.1.0
Count Modula by Adam Verspaget 2.4.0
trowaSoft by j4s0n-c 2.0.7
OhmerPrems by Dominique Camus 2.2.4
PdArray by Márton Gunyhó 2.1.0
Geodesics by Pyer & Marc Boulé 2.3.0
moDllz by Pablo DeLaLoza 2.1.2
RPJ Visualizer by Robert Kock 2.1.10
Digital Apothecary by Evan JJ Edwards 2.0.4
MindMeld by S.Baker and M.Boulé 2.2.1
DanTModules by dtilley 2.3.6
Grande by David Grande 2.7.2
Ahornberg by Ahornberg 2.1.8
forsitan modulare by Giampaolo Guiducci 2.0.2
Bacon Music by @baconpaul 2.3.0
EarthTones by Aaron Karp 2.0.1
Lunetta Modula by Count Modula by Adam Verspaget 2.1.0
VCV Pro by VCV 2.1.0
VCO-VCF-VCA Free by Hora 2.2.1
VCO VCF VCA by Hora 2.2.1
Analog Drums by Hora 2.2.1
Treasure Free by Hora 2.2.0
Processors Free by Hora 2.2.0
Processors by Hora 2.2.0
Instruo by Instruō 2.1.0
ALM Busy Circuits Tyso Daiko by ALM 2.0.0
dbRackSequencer by docB 2.2.0
PackOne by Benjamin Dill 2.0.beta3
Befaco by VCV, Ewan Hemingway 2.4.0
ShapeMaster Pro by S.Baker and M.Boulé 2.2.0
Geodesics-Vultiverse by Pyer + Leonardo Laguna Ruiz 2.0.3
Surge for Rack by Surge Synth Team
NANO Modules by Jorge Gutierrez 2.1.0
Starling Via by Starling 2.0.1
Projection by Stoev 2.1.0
ALM Busy Circuits MFX by ALM 2.0.2
kocmoc by janne808 2.0.3
Comfortzone by hampa 2.1.0
Coffee by CoffeeVCV 2.4.1
Hampton Harmonics by Scott Hampton 2.0.2
RebelTech by Ewan Hemingway 2.0.1
Plurm by David Cherepov 2.0.1
ALM Busy Circuits Free by ALM 2.0.0
Sparkette's Stuff by Sara Sparks 2.2.0
Loud Numbers by Duncan Geere 2.0.4
Little Utils by Márton Gunyhó 2.1.0
Squinky Labs by Squinky Labs 2.1.8
Infrasonic Audio by Infrasonic Audio LLC (Nick Donaldson) 2.0.1
EnigmaCurry by EnigmaCurry 2.0.7
XFX Wave by Blamsoft 2.0.1
XFX F-35 by Blamsoft 2.0.1
Blush Audio by Blush Audio 2.2.0
Amalgamated Harmonics by John Hoar 2.0.1
Substation by Slime Child Audio 2.2.5
PinkTrombone by Vega Deftwing 2.0.2
ML Modules by Martin Lueders 2.0.2
Path Set: Free by Andrew Hanson 2.4.1
Impromptu by Marc Boulé 2.1.1
AetrionModular by Mirko Melcher & Andrew Hanson 2.1.0
XFX Reverb by Blamsoft 2.0.0
XFX Distortion Pack by Blamsoft 2.0.0
AS by Alfredo Santamaria 2.0.6
FLAG Free by Flag Audio 2.2.1
dBiz by Giovanni Ghisleni 2.1
mmmodules by Myst Mach 2.0.6
EucQuant by brian 2.0.0
VCV Fundamental by VCV 2.3.1