OME by Pablo H. Estrada 2.1.0
Sanguine Modules by Bloodbat 2.2.0
Path Set: Glass Shard by Andrew Hanson 2.0.0
Path Set: Glass Shard Premium by Andrew Hanson 2.0.0
eightfold by scanner darkly 2.0.1
CV funk Modules by Cody Geary 2.0.6
ALM Busy Circuits CIZZLE by ALM 2.0.2
HC One by pachde 2.0.0
Sm@rTAZZ Studio Free by Marinko Laban 2.2.0
Mathematics and Music Lab (MML) by Cody McCarthy & Maxwell Schneider & Michael G. Maxwell & Josh Pfeffer & Robert Schneider & Andrew V. Sills 2.1.0
SSE-One by Herbert Zenz 2.0.0
MUS-X by Dr. Johannes Rauch 2.0.2
sn by transcriptaze 2.0.0
Harmonic Anomalies by Lucas Kuzma 2.0.2
gregsbrain Eurorack Modular by Greg Burns 2.1.9
Minimal Friction by Antoni Chmiela 2.1.0
Squinktronix by Squinktronix 2.2.4
NLS by Michele Zaccagnini
Patchable Devices by Jacek Lewański 2.0.0
TheyProbablyAlias by Vega Deftwing 2.0.0
Jasmine & Olive Trees by Domingo Martin 2.0.2
Patina by Eugenio Padilla 2.0.1
Pamela's Pro Workout by ALM 2.127.0
JP Free by Andrew Hanson (Path Set) & Joop van der Linden 2.0.2
JP Lab by Andrew Hanson (Path Set) & Joop van der Linden 2.0.2
SS-Modules by Samuel Strong 2.0.0
Rigatoni by Ian Hoffman 2.2.0
CuteFox Modules by Hristo Goleminov 2.0.1
The All Electric Smart Grid by Joyo Victor 2.1.0
pachde One by pachde 2.2.0
Cytomic by Cytomic 2.0.6
Matrix Sequencer by R3tr0 2.0.0
Biset by Biset 2.0.12
monome by Michael Dewberry 2.2.7
Synthesis Technology by VCV 2.0.4
dawn bree by dawn bree 2.0.0
NullPath by Andrew Hanson & Eric Socia 2.0.0
Path Set x Omri Cohen by Andrew Hanson and Omri Cohen 2.0.2
Path Set x Omri Cohen - Free by Andrew Hanson and Omri Cohen 2.0.2
T's Musical Tools by T 2.1.9
FLAG Prism of Perception by Flag Audio + Omri Cohen 2.0.2
Monsuta by Vega Deftwing 2.0.2
van Ties by Matthias Sars 2.4.0
Yokai_Holiday by d.e.mcanulty
Noumenal-B by Jozsef Venczeli 2.0.1
SIM by Dan Sable 2.1.1
Photuri Electronics by Skarmuse 2.1.0
Venom by David Benham 2.7.0
Noise86 by Dylan Gardham 2.0.0
Silly Sounds by Giacomo Loparco 2.0.0
Airwindows by @baconpaul, @airwindows 2.11.0
Erogenous Tones Free by Rick Burnett 2.1.0
NOI by Thomas Guillory 2.0.6
Digital Apothecary by Evan Edwards 2.0.5
TyrannosaurusRu by Ivan Metalnikov 2.1.0
ALM Busy Circuits Tyso Daiko by ALM 2.0.0
Questionable Modules by John Iannandrea 2.1.14
EarthTones by Aaron Karp 2.0.1
Surge XT by Surge Synth Team
Projection by Stoev 2.1.1
ALM Busy Circuits Free by ALM 2.2.1
EnigmaCurry by EnigmaCurry 2.0.7
Infrasonic Audio by Infrasonic Audio LLC (Nick Donaldson) 2.0.1
VCV Pro by VCV 2.1.2
ALM Busy Circuits MFX by ALM 2.111.0
Sparkette's Stuff by Sara Sparks 2.8.0
RPJ Visualizer by Robert Kock 2.1.15
Blush Audio by Blush Audio 2.2.0
Seaside Modular by Blue Nautilus 2.5.2
SickoCV by Sickozell 2.6.13
AetrionModular by Mirko Melcher & Andrew Hanson 2.1.0
Chinenual by Steve Tynor 2.7.0
Sapphire by Don Cross 2.4.4
EucQuant by brian 2.0.0
Path Set: Rainbows by Andrew Hanson 2.0.0
ASK by Patrik Wallström 2.0.1
dbRackSequencer by docB 2.4.0
Path Set: Grains by Andrew Hanson 2.1.0
Myth by Pavlo Yevsehnieiev 2.0.1
Skylander by Skylander 2.1.0
fruitsofkarma by Alexey Komarov 2.0.10
H4N4 Modules by Hanna Koppelaar 2.3.0
Coffee by CoffeeVCV 2.4.1
Loud Numbers by Duncan Geere 2.0.4
Doepfer by VCV 2.0.3
RebelTech by Ewan Hemingway 2.0.1
PinkTrombone by Vega Deftwing 2.0.2
alef's bits by alefnull 2.5.54
dbRackFormulaOne by docB 2.0.2
Stochastic Telegraph by Mahlen Morris 2.0.14
Path Set: Infinity by Andrew Hanson 2.1.0
FLAG Oppressor Pro by Flag Audio 2.0.0
Divergent Waves by Tom Carlson 2.0.0
Inklen Cable Colour Key by Nick Feisst 2.0.3
AlliewayAudio Series I by Allie Way 2.0.7
3HR by Robin Hammar 2.2.0
Path Set: Free by Andrew Hanson 2.5.0
dbRackModules by docB 2.3.1
Lilac Modules by Gavin Rough 2.0.3
Bastl by Stefano Manconi, Ewan Hemingway, Bastl collaborators 2.0.0
htLocal by htLocal 2.0.0
Daniel Davies by Daniel Davies 2.3.1
Kilpatrick-Toolbox by Andrew Kilpatrick 2.0.3
Chord Suite by Jiahao Huang 2.0.0
Causal Systems by Free Surface 2.0.5
OmniMango Subliminal Messages by Garnet Grimm 1.0.0
VO by Evgeniy Metelev 1.0.0
Delexander Volume 1 by Delexander Collective 1.0.2
Tonecarver by Bill Davies 2.0.0
OmniMango HyperTune by Garnet Grimm 1.0.1
LyraeModules by Vega Deftwing 2.0.3
AlliewayAudio_Freebies by Allie Way 2.0.7
VCV Drums by VCV 2.1.10
OmniMango Juno Chorus Clone by Garnet Grimm 1.1.0
OSCelot by TheModularMind 2.0.0
Mojo by Tom DA SILVA FARIA 2.0.0
cvly by Benja Appel 2.0.1
OmniMango Hyper Wavetable by Garnet Grimm 1.0.2
KRTPluginA by Jacko 2.26.31
SunsetSignals by Jeremy Mitchell 1.0.0
Madness by David Kant, Ryan Page, Mustafa Walker 2.0.0
mmmodules by Myst Mach 2.0.6
RPJ by Robert Kock 2.2.4
forsitan modulare by Giampaolo Guiducci 2.0.2
Extratone by Eater of Sheep 2.0.0
Plurm by David Cherepov 2.0.1
ShapeMaster Pro by S.Baker and M.Boulé 2.4.0
ODDSound MTS-ESP by ODDSound 2.0.2
Virtue Hardware Companion Modules by Andrew Kilpatrick 2.0.9
Axioma by Kaue Werner 2.0.0
CaptVolt's VCV Modules by Christian Vogelgsang 2.0.1
Substation by Slime Child Audio 2.2.6
Comfortzone by hampa 2.1.0
Orbits by Rare Breeds 2.0.4
K4815 Pattern Generator by Kilpatrick Audio 2.0.12
Instruo by Instruō 2.1.0
Symmetry by Stoev 2.1.2
Agave by Fabian Eqsueda, Jatin Chowdhury 1.0.0
DanTModules by dtilley 2.4.40
AlgoritmArte by AlgoritmArte 2.0.0
Stalys by Denis Dubo Chevalier 1.4.2
FLAG Free by Flag Audio 2.2.5
Geodesics-Vultiverse by Pyer + Leonardo Laguna Ruiz 2.0.4
Ivy Fun Pack by ivy<3 1.0.0
Polymaths by David Kant, Ryan Page, Mustafa Walker 2.0.0
Fehler Fabrik by Ross Cameron 2.0.2
Lilac Loop by Gavin Rough 2.1.6
Sha#Bang! Modules by Jeremy Muller 2.2.2
WeldSplatter by Philip Knodle 1.0.2
ZetaCarinae by Marshall Hampton 2.0.4
MH by M. Terry Hunter 1.0.1
MpSeries by Omer Liberman 1.0.2
Grande by David Grande 2.8.0
ChowDSP by Jatin Chowdhury 2.0.1
Interference by Stoev 2.1.2
Atelier by Xenakios (Panel Design by Pyer) 2.0.2
Dintree by Andrew Kilpatrick 2.0.17
Truly by Travis Thompson 1.0.2
Rackwindows by Jens Robert Janke 1.1.2
KautenjaDSP Potato Chips by Christian Kauten 2.0.0
VCV Sound Stage by VCV 2.0.5
iggy.labs by Isabel Kaspriskie 2.0.0
Prok Modular by Prok 2.0.3
Oxidlab Entferner Free Modules by Alexander Schadenberger 2.0.6
Oxidlab Entferner Modules by Alexander Schadenberger 2.0.6
KautenjaDSP RackNES by Christian Kauten 2.0.0
Personal Modules by SV Modular 1.0.0
Captain's Sounds by Mike Allison 1.0.7
az by azrrik 2.0.1
Studio Six Plus One by Studio Six Plus One 2.1.00
manikk Free Modules by manikk 1.0.0
rchoices by David Koch 2.0.0
Lunetta Modula by Count Modula by Adam Verspaget 2.1.0
NoraCodes by Leonora Tindall 1.2.2
Frequency Domain by almostEric with JerrySV, Jatin Chowdhury 2.0.0
Aura Audio by Evan Murray 2.0.0
Mantra by Giovanni Gramegna 1.0.1