21kHz by 21kHz, Netboy3 2.0.1
23volts by Rémi Collin 1.1.5
3HR by Robin Hammar 2.2.0
8Mode by Matt Dwyer, 8Mode 2.0.0
Aaron Static by Aaron Static 2.0.0
Admiral by Wannes Rombouts 1.1.0
Agave by Fabian Eqsueda, Jatin Chowdhury 1.0.0
Ahornberg by Ahornberg 2.1.4
alef's bits by alefnull 2.3.0
AlgoritmArte by AlgoritmArte 2.0.0
Alikins by Adrian Likins 2.0.1
AlliewayAudio Series I by Allie Way
AlliewayAudio_Freebies by Allie Way 2.0.6
Alright Devices by Alright Devices 2.0.0
Amalgamated Harmonics by John Hoar 2.0.0
Analog Drums by Hora 2.0.1
Animated Circuits by Animated Circuits 2.2.0
aP Modules by Alessandro Petrone 0.6.0
Arable Instruments by adbrant 1.0.0
Aria Salvatrice by Aria Salvatrice 1.8.1
aridacity by cubeleco 2.0.0
arjo_modules by Arjo Nagelhout 0.6.0
AS by Alfredo Santamaria 2.0.4
AS Drums n Filters by Alfredo Santamaria 2.0.1
AS Seqs n Tools by Alfredo Santamaria 2.0.1
Atelier by Xenakios (Panel Design by Pyer) 2.0.2
Audible Instruments by VCV 2.0.0
Audible Instruments Preview by VCV 0.6.5
Aunty Langton's by Alex Weatherley 1.0.1
Aura Audio by Evan Murray 2.0.0
Autinn by Nikolai V. Chr. 2.1.0
Autodafe by Autodafe 2.0.0
Autodafe - DrumKit by Autodafe 2.0.0
Autodafe - REDs by Autodafe 2.0.0
Autodafe - REDs FREE 1.0.0
av500 by av500 0.5.0
Axioma by Kaue Werner 2.0.0
az by azrrik 2.0.1
Bacon Music by @baconpaul 2.0.0
Bastl by Stefano Manconi, Ewan Hemingway, Bastl collaborators 2.0.0
BB Modules by Roberto Colabene 2.0.0
BBI by tnorris 0.6.0
Beckstrom Research by Chris Beckstrom 0.6.0
Befaco by VCV, Ewan Hemingway 2.2.0
Bidoo by Bidoo 2.0.14
Bogaudio by Matt Demanett 2.0.39
Bokontep Byte Beat Machine by ВОКОИТЕР 0.6.1
Captain's Sounds by Mike Allison 1.0.7
CaptVolt's VCV Modules by Christian Vogelgsang 2.0.1
Castle Rocktronics by Kieran Pringle 0.5.0
Catro/Blanco by catronomix 1.0.0
Catro/Modulo by catronomix 2.0.0
Causal Systems by Free Surface 2.0.5
cf by clement foulc 2.0.2
CharredDesert by Jerry Sievert 2.0.0
Chiptuner by Andrea Grossi 1.0.0
Chord Controller by Trevor Wilson 1.0.0
Chord Suite by Jiahao Huang 2.0.0
Chortling Hamster Modules by Alan Holding 2.0.0
ChowDSP by Jatin Chowdhury 2.0.1
Circlefade by Max Circlefade 1.0.1
Clapper by Robotic Bean 1.0.1
Coffee by CoffeeVCV 2.1.0
Coirt / Bark by Phil Golden 2.3.1
Collection One by scanner-darkly 2.0.4
Comfortzone by hampa 2.0.0
computerscare by computerscare 2.0.1
Cosmic by Animated Circuits 0.6.0
Count Modula by Adam Verspaget 2.1.0
Creative Suite by Stellare Modular 2.0.0
Crystal Palace by David Peterson 1.0.0
cvly by Benja Appel 2.0.1
Daniel Davies by Daniel Davies 2.2.0
DanTModules by dtilley 2.3.3
dBiz by Giovanni Ghisleni 2.0.3
dbRackFormulaOne by docB 2.0.0
dbRackModules by docB 2.0.5
Delexander Volume 1 by Delexander Collective 1.0.2
DHE Modules by Dale Emery 2.0.3
Dintree by Andrew Kilpatrick 2.0.15
Divergent Waves by Tom Carlson 2.0.0
Doepfer by VCV 2.0.1
DrumKit by SV Modular 2.0.0
DrumKit Pro by Jerry Sievert 2.0.0
E-Series by VCV 2.0.2
Edge by Edge 1.0.2
EH-modules by Eduard Heidt 2.0.5
Encoders by Andrew Ostler 2.1.0
Entrian Acoustic Drums by Entrian Solutions Ltd 2.6.24
Entrian Free by Entrian Solutions Ltd 2.1.24
Entrian Sequencers by Entrian Solutions Ltd 2.1.24
Erica Synths by Erica Synths 2.0.2
Erratic Instruments by Bruno Afonso 0.6.2
Extratone by Eater of Sheep 2.0.0
Fehler Fabrik by Ross Cameron 2.0.2
FLAG Free by Nils Jonas Norberg 2.0.0
FLAG Oppressor Pro by Flag Audio 2.0.0
forsitan modulare by Giampaolo Guiducci 1.4.1
Frank Buss by Frank Buss 2.0.0
FrankBussFormula by Frank Buss 0.6.2
Frequency Domain by almostEric with JerrySV, Jatin Chowdhury 2.0.0
Frozen Wasteland by almostEric 2.0.7
fruitsofkarma by Alexey Komarov 2.0.3
Fundamental by VCV 2.1.0
Geodesics by Pyer & Marc Boulé 2.2.5
Geodesics-Vultiverse by Pyer + Leonardo Laguna Ruiz 2.0.2
Glue the Giant by Paul Merchant 2.0.1
GoodSheperd by Jens Schulze 2.0.0
Grande by David Grande 2.5.0
Gratrix by gratrix 0.6.0
Grayscale by VCV 2.0.2
H4N4 Modules by Hanna Koppelaar 2.1.0
Hampton Harmonics by Scott Hampton 2.0.1
HetrickCV by Michael Hetrick 2.0.0
Holonic Systems by Holonic Systems 2.0.7
Hot Bunny by Matthew Friedrichs 0.6.0
htLocal by htLocal 2.0.0
huaba by Daniel Huber 1.1.0
iggy.labs by Isabel Kaspriskie 2.0.0
ILovePerlin by digitalhappens.de 1.0.0
Impromptu by Marc Boulé 2.1.0
Inklen Cable Colour Key by Nick Feisst 2.0.2
Instruo by Instruō 2.0.0
Interference by Stoev 2.1.1
Interrobang by Jim Allman 2.0.1
Ivy Fun Pack by ivy<3 1.0.0
JE by Julien Eres 1.0.0
JLmod by Joakim Lindbom 1.0.0
JW-Modules by Jeremy Wentworth 2.0.2
K4815 Pattern Generator by Kilpatrick Audio 2.0.11
KarateSnoopy by KarateSnoopy 1.0.0
KautenjaDSP Potato Chips by Christian Kauten 2.0.0
KautenjaDSP RackNES by Christian Kauten 2.0.0
Kilpatrick-Toolbox by Andrew Kilpatrick 2.0.1
kocmoc by janne808 2.0.2
Koralfx-Modules by Tomasz Sosnowski 1.0.2
Kosmodules by Calvin Kosmatka 1.0.1
KRTPluginA by Jacko 2.25.27
LabSeven by Gernot Wurst 1.0.0
LFSR by alto777 2.0.0
LifeFormModular by Marc Dacunha 2.0
Lilac Loop by Gavin Rough 2.0.0